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Two of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Pentacles suit is of earth energy and your personal connection with spirit and material abundance. How are you bringing your gifts to full embodiment on this earthly plane? Two of Pentacles is a reminder to check in with practical aspects of your life, and bring balance and change where needed. Practical matters are a necessary and valuable part of your experience that you must learn to navigate. As you address what aspects of the material realm you have trouble with, you open new doors and possibilities. The Two of Pentacles card is a reminder to not neglect or forget the magickal or practical aspects of life, as you contain the whole within. If you fragment or deny any area of yourself, you cut off parts which suffer and become dis-harmonic.

Eight of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Eight shattered white chalices are at the foot of a dark mountain with an unknown horizon beyond. It is time to move forward and leave the past behind. Eight of Cups is about a great change that is known or felt within. Something must shift. Or you have already decided to take the leap. Internally, there is already the presence of a gut-wrenching knowing that you must move in a new direction. As you travel the inner and outer realms of life, you begin to take on what is fulfilling and rich in life.

Five of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Five of Wands appears as scattered energy, conflict, and confusion. These wands seem to be on entirely different trajectories. Something is being called to the forefront to be looked at intimately. What feels out of alignment internally? Energetically, there are thoughts of a situation in question. What is the highest way to realign with your natural vibration? Bring any outer situation or experience back to the internal. Begin in Presence, where all the universe springs from. Wands are a fire energy of movement, passion, ideas, inspiration- the creator suit. The five wands are floating out of harmony with one another.

Three of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Three of Cups is a time for play, enjoyment, and glittering citrine celebration of song. You embody dance, celebrate festivities, devour delicious decadent food, and gather with those who support your soul- work. Three of Cups is an invitation to luxurious self care before reengaging your focus and direction towards the new, abundant, overflowing and juicy, royal adventure ahead. A solid foundation has already formed in spirit and the physical realms. Your actions have united through Spirit to guide you in a positive, creative, and heavenly alignment. Your energy is merged with pure being, the heavens, and earth.

Two of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Two of Wands is the action of claiming dominion. Your actions are aligned with your words, therefore, you grow from the initial idea of the Ace of Wands. In Two of Wands energy, you are moving with a steady momentum toward your deepest visions. You are actively watering the seeds each day. Your inner guide knows the path that you are on could only take root once you step fully inside your heart and believe that you can accomplish this vision. There is a sustainable energy present. Your embodied Truth is what guides you. Two of Wands is a deep exploration, bringing you into full creative power. This will expand you as you are continuing this work. This creative vision will stretch you beyond the limits of yourself, which inspires others to embark on what their soul desires. The Divine is able to move through you as a clear channel, affecting many beings through your vessel.

Father of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Wands represents fire, intuition, untainted ambition, and creative drive embodied. He is depicted as a cobra in an upright position, ready to strike at any moment. He protects his wand behind him and a lightning bolt strikes in the sky. Wands symbolize our most primal and creative forces from within. This allows life to burn in creative wildness. The Father of Wands has clear direction. He not only sees his vision, but moves in full power to bring full manifestation to his desires. His life experience has made him confident in each action he pours himself into. He is raw energy and full power.

Nine of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Four white feathers form a diamond shape with nine pentacles inside. Creativity, work, health, and property, represent the outer manifestation of your inner life. The card depicts horizontal lines in the background, representing a grounded feeling within and how you are moving in life. You do not feel separation from this vibratory and physically pulsating experience. There is a feeling of abundance and prosperity, not overly indulging, but a deep appreciation for what you have. The profundity of the possibility that you are here, makes all petty problems seem as dust in the wind. This gratitude overwhelms your being and allows for natural movement in you to flow in accordance with the divine laws.