Thank You


Never before have I expressed beauty to another in the way I have with my beloved.

Never did I know how to express this beauty with another so fully before meeting my beloved.

Never did I know the simplicity and beauty of loving so completely, without holding one thing about myself behind an invisible wall. There have been many times I was only giving part of myself, never opening up fully to the divine. I bow down to grace that has been with me each breath I breath, every step I take, every word spoken, and unspoken.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Infinite Thanks.

Something so beautiful I witness as I see this amazing beauty unfolding is the same love that flows through me to my beloved is the same love that extends through me to all of the majesty of life.

This is an incredible way of expressing love for the beauty of all of life…with my beloved.

When we see this expression of love with our partner it is our expression of love to the entire cosmos, the love shared is a reflection of the entire universe dancing in the heart of our beloved.

When we see our lover in this way all becomes a dance of surrender and joy to the infinite one… Through the battles and through the romance. All is divine expression.

The same one that dances within our very being is the same one, with a unique magic, dancing in the heart of another.

How energy moves through us to others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves in the most intimate way. All of life is a reflection of our inner state. A CONSTANT mirror of what resides within our very heart.

Sometimes we don’t always want to look, but whether we like it or not makes no difference.

Everything mirrors your heart. Pay attention and See.

Whether you are looking in or out, all is the play of the divine seen through your very eyes.

When coming together with a lover, naturally all will be pulled to the surface that remains unseen.

Thank this immensity of beauty.

For all is arising to shed off stagnant energies that remain cluttering your vision. Or to remind you of the beauty that is already within you.

Embrace these things as they arise and be gentle, for you do not know how long they have been there.

Allow them to arise making a storm and let them make way for sunny skies once again.

These mirrors reflecting are all gifts of divinity clearing space so you can breathe again.

Say thank you and embrace your mirror. The best mirror many times is your beloved.

The one dearest to your heart.

Such beauty.

& Grace.

Keep saying thank you as you move through this world. Wherever you are. However magical or unmagical things my seem. All is for you to See.

What greater words to say than this…

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Express Yourself <3