the wild unknown the chariot meaning and interpretation

The Chariot, The Wild Unknown Tarot 5

the wild unknown the chariot meaning and interpretation

.The Chariot Card.

The luminous, white horse, staring directly forward at you.  Crescent moon on the center of forehead, pentacle hung from the neck, and the sun beaming in the background shining light on all aspects of being. The horse is a wild and free creature, intuitive and strong. The white horse signifies what feels good intuitively and to move in the direction that feels most natural. The crescent moon on the forehead is showing the strength of following intuition. It is surrendering to the Wild Unknown. She is only lead by her most natural guide. She does not listen to those who only are guided by their mind because she knows the mind can only take one so far before the spirit yearns to break free. Logic is useful for practical things, but only the heart can feel the fullness of life. The white horse is a reminder to take the leap you need to in order to do what is in alignment with your heart. There are open doors everywhere you are, but you must listen and take time to FEEL your own heart. ANYTHING that one may feel stuck doing is a self created prison. We are free to move in this life in a way that corresponds with our intuitive nature. Sometimes we must drop everything and leave our old life to honor the genuine calling of the heart. This leap of faith sometimes can be extremely terrifying, but we must ask what is more terrifying? Surely, delaying our own joy. Are we not still here? Living and breathing? It is TOTALLY FINE TO TAKE A RISK! We have full permission to do what natural.


The pentacle that hangs around the horses neck is a symbol of wealth and prosperity on all levels. Sometimes it is mistaken for only material wealth. Emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, and all aspects of self are part of this wealth. The horse is looking directly at you and addressing YOU, the card holder. It is time, right now, to stop delaying that which you love. There is a perceived risk that seems scary, but when you listen to yourself and move in that direction you will see how supported you are. The only fear has been a single thought in your mind about all the ways which things could go wrong. You will see when you side with what is true to your heart that you are supported in the most miraculous ways. The horse is wild and free telling you to go in the direction that expresses your freedom. Your intuition is your guide and the time is always now to stop hiding from what brings you joy. You can keep delaying for so long before you begin bursting inside.

You are going to have to burst <3


The sun in the background is burning bright, giving full allowance to shine. There are many people that hide from that which they love. At some point or another we all go through this. There is a fear of doing what is most natural at times and we do things we think we have to do instead of what we love. It is a sickness and a trick of the mind. The Chariot Card requires you to be BOLD. To not back down and to stop putting off what makes you happy. This card encourages you to FORGET EVERYTHING ANYONE TELLS YOU. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN GUIDE. STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET. BE BRAVE. Have faith in your life experiences and see how blessed and miraculous this life is. See that and move with what sets your heart on fire. There is one element that is the biggest problem. Fear believed to be true. When this drops away the magic is incredible and unstoppable. You walk and the flowers bloom. You cry and your tears refresh all that no longer serves you. You begin to dance in your life with grace through all experiences that arise before you. There is not one BIG thing that you should wait for. The BIG thing is happening right now in every moment. No more time to waste on all the bullshit. Sometimes we just gotta remember that we could die today. What the FUCK is there to wait for? Life is happening right now.

~Trust fully and keep riding through the galaxy~

In case you forget….you are fucking ALIVE, that in itself is amazing.

Express Yourself <3

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