Daughter of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

the wild unknown tarot daughter of cups meaning and interpretation

Daughter of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Daughter of Cups card depicts a baby swan, sitting on the water with a peaceful strength exuding her presence. The water has horizontal lines expanding into infinity. The card is mostly black and white, the only colors are of the swans reflection that radiates a rainbow of colors beneath her. This is a time of new beginnings, creative endeavors, and a time the spirit of inspiration guides us. We are to move into the direction that is in alignment with our true essence of what our heart desires. When you look at this card there is a feeling of calm and trust that is felt. The card speaks to trust our intuitive nature and subconscious messages that are depicted in the reflection of the water. So often we know what we want to do when we take the time to listen, this card is telling us to follow and trust our own guidance. To become in touch with subtle vibrations that breathe the same breath as all of creation. This space where all is taken care of and all is revealed when recognized.

Trusting our creative inclinations and exploring them is part of trusting. We don’t always know absolutely what we want to do, but this card is showing us we can have faith in what we are attracted to. There is a reason that we are drawn to specific endeavors and not others. As human beings we each have different flavors that we bring to life and it is what brings our unique spice into the world. The baby swan is radiating this beautiful rainbow reflection. It is showing we each intuitively have a guide and gifts to radiate from within us into life. The only way we can express this part of our authentic nature is if we take one movement forward into what emanates joy from our being.

The card depicts water that is serene. Water is a symbol of the unconscious. You may ask yourself what is under the surface that is waiting to be seen? The water here is still, calm, and peaceful, with a reflection that seems to be alerting a message into consciousness. This is a time to sit with ourselves and genuinely pay attention to receive guidance at this time. However it is we individually connect to source, which stills the waters of the mind in order for messages to fully show themselves. When we are cluttered our life is not flowing. We can feel stuck, not creative, and we don’t know how to move. When we pay attention to right now and fully be present with ourselves we can feel this life force coming back into the body. The same life force that inspires you and naturally guides you will naturally be shared with all of life when resting fully in the present moment.

The swan is a baby. When we are young we are open to the world and infinite possibilities, our spirit is not yet contaminated and full of conditioning. This card is an invitation to step into this childlike freedom. There is no restriction in this creature. Young, inspired, full of life, energy, vibrancy and creativity. This swan is free to move through this life in any direction it feels intuitively drawn to. This is a time to start fresh and start over. We are allowed to completely move in a new direction without thinking twice. We were born to follow our heart and intuition. When we go against this natural resonance is when we experience tremendous pain. This pain is a signal for us to question what we are believing to be true and if it really is true or are we causing unnecessary pain? It is up to us to choose to follow what we know in our heart to be true and how we wish to move.

Perhaps there has been a dark period that recently ended or is coming to a close very soon. The Daughter of Cups comes after this period and is the opportunity to learn from your experience and start over. To keep believing in what you feel you wish to express sincerely. To be like a child in awe of this life and what you can create out of love and beauty.

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  1. Beautiful interpretation. And I love your photo of your space that radiates with sunlight. Thank you.

    1. Glad to know you are enjoying. Yes this photo was taken in a lovely place I was graced to stay in Sweden. Absolute gift to stay in Stockholm and explore!

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