The Death Card | Moonchild Tarot

The Death Card | Moonchild Tarot

You are the flaming phoenix risen. The celebration of burying the dead bones while timelessness changes seasons through magick and mysterious force, growing a mighty oak from where those bones once lay. Obliterate the fear of kissing your slithering shadow. Open the precious jewel therein. You did not come to feast on stale bread. Plant and cultivate the seeds which bring Light and nourishment to your Sacred Temple. Allow reverence and prayer to be your goodbye before the new Light comes to take your heaven made heart to the path made of opal and quartz roads engraved with marble Sanskrit script therein. It is through this path your kundalini rises to full power. The Golden Cobra’s head hovers above your Lilac Lotus Crown. Keep your invisibility cloak on until total transformation has come to completion. You now enter the secret garden of your etheric majesty. Each cycles death creates new pathways to higher laws of liberation.

What is the Death Card?

Absolute transformation from dying aspects that you can no longer hold in your vibratory field. The longer you try and hold on, the more heavy you become. It asks for complete release of everything you are not, so that you may open the next portal of deeper embodiment and working within higher dimensions than your previous self/life. The is an energy to be intimately seduced by and to understand with full flame, so that you may move through each passageway with excitement for the unknown on the other side. The unknown is the true beauty of the Death Card, the wild and free spirit that dances out of self-imposed, societal, familial, ancestral bondage with each meeting of death. As the serpent rises you find yourself in a new space with new light emanating from within and around you. Death is Freedom of Illusion and fear. It is the immersion of Self in True Orbit with the Divine Laws of the Universe. In this death your vessel is emptied by Source and filled with Divine Light of Grace.

How To Embody Death Card Energy?

Be with yourself in full transparency in this unfolding moment. To feel yourself through all dimensions without denial, without numbing yourself to substances, without glossing over what is speaking within you right now. As you are able to be in your presence of magick, all that arises will be able to fully integrate within your being. The more you rest in your vast infinite space, the easier it is to hold space for yourself when integrating aspects like childhood, sexual, and emotional/mental traumas. When you meet yourself in this way with such purity and openness with all energies that may arise, you are able to become a fully integrated being and seal all energy gaps in your field with light. Death card is to hold space for yourself through your expansion in beauty, abundance, and cycles that are bringing you to greater and exquisite soul evolution. Allowing yourself to expand by not holding yourself back to an old version of yourself and truly stepping into the center of your being while moving in forward and direct alignment with your Soul’s Orbit.

Why Is It Important to Embody The Death Card Energy?

To be intimately connected to your own cycles of deaths and rebirths is to be in direct alignment with and as Source. As a conduit for Source to flow through you and into the world, it is important to embody the death card energy for what is false in your being to rip itself apart and dissect itself in a million pieces, to look at all the cards on the table, not only some of them. It is to be able to see, feel, experience, all from Zero Point. Knowing that the shedding of what may be a painful ending is only bringing you home within and to higher elevations simultaneously. To resist endings creates stagnancy in an old life that is no longer yours and keeps you in the illusion of separation from your true path. When you choose Life and your mission here, you also choose infinite deaths in order to move to higher spaces within and without. If you choose only what is comfortable and safe inside the confines of what is known, there is a deviation from the inherent power that wants to make love through your being and into the world. To choose each cycle of death as a prayer to the divine for your highest illuminating unfolding is to choose alignment with Source and to remain guided by your mission here. It is this integration of old and new cycles that reveal the full integration of the wholeness of your inner temple.

Questions to Consider:

Do you hold on to people, jobs, situations, thoughts/emotions/inner & outer monologues that keep you in an energetic holding pattern of limitation?

Do you experience holding space for yourself that is non-judgmental and with love as you go through ending cycles. Or, do you experience shame and guilt for moving through darkness?

Is there anything right now that you want to release fully so you may rise in your Light and share your gifts with the world in a higher octave with full clarity?

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