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The Moon, The Wild Unknown Tarot

We must pay attention to the subtle messages. The moonlight only shows us part of what we see. We must uncover the rest by paying attention to the subtle details that arise within ~


The Moon, represents dark aspects of self. Our subconscious plays a vital role in our life. Now is the time to sit with and reflect the subtle, inner workings of our self. If one does not acknowledge what is present, what remains will surely be bubbling to the surface now. Deep seeds of bondage that have been ignored or forgotten will surely be grabbing ones attention to wake up. Allow these disturbances to come to the surface, this will give allowance to see the darkness within and opens us to looking at the whole picture instead of fragmented parts of the whole. We cannot learn from our experiences if we have forgotten the lessons they have delivered. Time to meditate, contemplate, and give full allowance for any emotions that must be acknowledged. There is information in this time one spends in contemplation to uncover what may have been overlooked. When we take time to be with ourselves, we touch the subtle vibrations within us that have been trying to speak with us.


The moon reminds us that things are not always as they appear to be. The light of the moon is much more subtle than the light of the sun which allows us to see all that is before us. The moonlight only shines on part of what is before us. This is a time to be especially sensitive to messages coming through dreams, and the way one feels from moment to moment at this time. Subtleties are everything now. Each day we have the opportunity to truly feel ourselves and our environment. Let us ask the questions, is this good for me? Does this feel right? These questions allow us to live and breath in alignment with what feels attuned to our hearts vibration. When we grow and change it doesn’t mean the people around us do, sometimes we outgrow those we love. We are intuitive beings and The Moon card is one that speaks to pay attention to how we are feeling and to not overlook what is arising for us now. Time for big clearing and drastic changes.


This is a time that one is fully in The Wild Unknown. This path is not for everyone yet it is something we cannot actually get away from. We are all in the Wild Unknown together. When The Moon is pulled it means that you are drawing on your own life experience and intuition as your greatest teacher now because there is nothing else to rely on. You are taking others peoples opinions very lightly because you know deeply only you can move according to how spirit is moving you. Any fear or doubt at this time will do you no good, at this time you must tune into your spirit fully and let this guide you. In the past you have looked in other directions for guidance, but now you know that it is only connection with Spirit that can move you now. Listen carefully to what spirit brings through you at this time. Allow yourself to move without fear and know that Grace is fully on your side. Be with yourself and feel yourself. This is what is needed for clear navigation. Listen to the subtleties that are arising and be cautious of outer input at this time. This is an opportunity for a diving deeper into The Wild Unknown.


~ trust the subtle messages ~


  1. Marco Enrique

    April 15, 2017 at

    I drew this card in regards to the potential to move to California and what it would mean to me so ah yes. Lovely thank you:) I also drew the Father of Wands and Son of Wands with the same question. Deeply in tune and synched.

    America is the Cancer sign (69) The Moon vibrates with Cancer. Yes , very powerful message. 6 = Love 9 = Conflict. When they meet Love always prevails. 6 + 9 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6.

    Ah yes we are all in & as the Wild Unknown here, everywhere and nowhere, the mystery beyond mystery, we Are, expressing ourself as divine consciousness, as the divine play as infinite possibilities, form and formless form and formlesness and beyond. The play of consciousness within the evolution of consciousness. All is myself. All is Home. Aho

    Moon ,Imagination, Creativity, Sensitivity. Older Childhood stage like the Cancer sign 69 thus also childlike fears and doubts about the adult world, much like an 11 or 12 year old child that sees and feels so much and has such powerful imagination.. such great powerful creativity and imagination, eternal seeds of love and devotion when we choose freedom, and all will as said be coming to the surface that has not been met, seen, tended to and understood thus loved to death. Love yourself to death for all is You.

    Also related to the number 2 and parenthood and nurturing in the midnight moonlight, Mother Love (Conscious Mind) nurturing our inner child (Sub C) tending and nurturing to the child and all the old data that is replaying, purifying Top Down, sinking into a deeper partnership with the inner child anchoring trust and love foundation. Moon divine Eternal Time Infinite Space.

    Signs of the Times.

    • Mmmm thank you for sharing. Brings me so much joy to receive this message, to continue and add to the writing. Love to you on your journey <3

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