The Queen of Swords | Moonchild Tarot

The Queen of Swords | Moonchild Tarot

Who is The Queen of Swords?

She is the piercing hawk eye energy which unveils all masks of illusion and deceit .:. She is the energy of X-Ray vision, the all seeing one with no emotional distortions .:. She sees objectively without attachment .:. All beings are naked in her presence regardless of how many secured fortresses have been built around the inner temple.

How To Embody Queen of Swords Energy?

Allow your sword to be forged in the wild fire of your sacred heart. Move only from soul space within that is deeply connected and trust that what energy speaks from this space knows what you need and how to move in this world and all worlds. Merge + integrate fully with this space of Crystal Clarity and aligned action will be direct, simple, precise.

Why Is It Important to Embody Queen of Swords Energy?

Without aligning to your inner fire core and foundation that the Queen of Swords is connected as, you will not be able to move in alignment with your True Soul’s Orbit. The majority of people are believing and taking in the environment and outer impressions of their world instead of listening to the inner voice and emitting their own frequency of Soul Truth. This creates a false shapeshifting effect which is not true to the central core. Do you believe others views over your own, even if you are sensing something is in dissonance? This will create a separation within you that is signaling your inmost essence as well as sending this signal into the Universe that you are not honoring your unique needs of your soul which will reflect that in your physical reality. This will keep you separate from the vision you have of your Soul’s Dream Life. To not trust your inner signals is to rip apart your internal compass/cord, creating stagnancy within and creating an energetic plateau from you moving faster than the speed of light in your Pure Expansion and Divine Path.

Questions to Consider:

Where do you leak energetic boundaries in order to please others?

Do you feel connected to your evolving discernment?

Do you choose what is true for your soul or do you choose what is relatable in order to fit in to a group?

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