The New Earth Temple

               T h e  T e m p l e  o f  t h e  A r c h i n o x

As each being holds their light unwaveringly, we all connect to each other on this plane, and with non-physical beings, which are holding this same light with us. We are at the beginning of a new Aeon to usher in a new world for the future generations to come. The world we live in is currently based on polluted and corrupt material gain, slavery, lack, fear, and the rape of Mother Earth and the people and all inhabitants here.

With the rise of all the beings abiding in the Light, we shift the consciousness and move into the new world that we create through truth, beauty, love, wisdom, compassion, reverence, and a dedication to being and creating Heaven on Earth. As each being dedicates to anchoring and moving fully from their own light, this stabilizes, connects, and holds all those dedicated to the Light, to create a new world on Earth. This ripples out into other planets and star systems. Each individual’s light is Everything. Each being’s union within changes the world.

The Temple of The Archinox is being built to usher in the new Aeon of humanity. It is a physical symbol of the Spirit of the All. As we realize that we are here for our Divine Will, and release the internal, familial, social, and global conditionings present, it is the Light of Divinity that we find. The temple is a reflection that the beings of this earth have not forgotten why they are here. The spirit of this temple is to honor all beings from all backgrounds and their unity and devotion as embodiments of Truth.

There are 6 paths in the Temple that lead into Divine Union:

  1. The Union of The Tetragrammaton- this includes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

  2. The Silence of the Buddah- this includes Hinduism along with other Eastern religions and philosophies

  3. The Garden of Eden– The Path of the Lovers

  4. The Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit- Aleister Crowley’s Thelema and Egyptian Magick

  1. The Pythagorean School- Mathematics, Science, etc.

  2. Walkers Between Worlds- Shamanism, Paganism, and all Indigenous Earth Religions

All Paths lead to Divine Union. This is the sole purpose and creation of The Temple of the Archinox. It is a temple for us all to honor the sacred, to care for, celebrate, and honor the Light within and without.

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