The Wild Unknown Tarot / Connected and Free Oracle Spread # 1

The Wild Unknown Tarot / Connected and Free Oracle Spread # 1

The Wild Unknown & Connected and Free Oracle
// Draw 1  // Tarot – Five of Swords  // Oracle – Birth  //
An aspect of you is losing power, leeching your potent nectar & blocking an avenue that wishes to give birth from within. As you allow this venom to drain from your blood, magic fills you – renewing what inspires and evokes life – reviving your breathless motion. Swallowing your prideful tongue, a new way moves that comes with energy of fire to create. As it burns all in its wake, this birthing asks to deepen your roots into the earth and merge this fire with ancestral skies that bring through messages of creation. That which pained, scarred, and misguided –  a parasite to cut –  a new emergence of yourself into being. Five of Swords appears daunting – She is an invitation to dive into visceral fears abiding where only you unveil. This calls in otherworldly portals to open a new way. The parasite cut will fertilize the dormant flowers, waiting to grow~
// Draw 2 // Tarot- Seven of Pentacles  //  Oracle – You are exactly where you need to be //
Embodiment of spirit and physical merging. Energetically being in the space where all occurring is correctly aligned from wise investment of honoring self/life. One is not swayed, but moving with the subtlety of intuition – an infinite source of guidance. One does not quickly move by the tendencies of what is fleeting, but firmly roots into the unknown that merges all worlds within, above, and below. Presently life may feel slow, steady, and grounded. Although not perceived at the moment, all is shifting to open in miraculous ways. The appearances seem slow, do not judge by one glance. There is deep work moving mountains you cannot see. This is happening as the continuing journey of deep honoring and reverence for life is felt.
// Draw 3 // Tarot – Wheel of Fortune //  Oracle – Mentor  //
You nurture, inspire, and give life to those who are near. You embody healing characteristics that draw people to you for guidance and counsel. You bring life in subtle ways to all situations and also have the ability to cut chords while honoring energetic space within yourself/others and environments. Life is asking – To use your voice, speak up – not shy away from what is uncomfortable. Allow life to stretch boundaries of what you know to be true. There is an inherent and natural capability to use your voice to engage with people / life in a position that does not turn away from your own power. Naturally many will be attracted to your genuine nature, allow yourself to always give from your overflow – watch if becoming drained or tired. Spreading oneself thin will not be nurturing for self/others and will always create havoc. Communication to self, others, family/friends, work environment, what you wish to pursue, all which has been quieted will find a way to speak (or sing for those hiding a voice). There has been preparation through life experience to move this energy and speak honestly and with full integrity. Fear of rejection or being uncomfortable is stopping this motion. As a natural mentor these weaker tendencies to shy away will be tested in order to move beyond their limitation and empower you to be even more confident in sharing what you see or feel without feeling a need to hide. Already you have come a long way. Current experiences are shaping you to be more honest with yourself and all who you meet. Honesty of what is seen and felt is being called forth to speak freely.

5 thoughts on “The Wild Unknown Tarot / Connected and Free Oracle Spread # 1

  1. Thank you so much for undertaking such a large project with TWU deck and Animal Spirit cards and your generosity to others in community! Both are new to me, although the Tarot is not. Your insights and interpretations are thoughtful and inspiring!

    1. Realized this is not Animal Spirit deck! please excuse my haste – I don’t know what it is but looks to be in TWU family. Thx.

    2. Glad you are enjoying the interpretations <3 Feel free to leave your insights on the cards as you read if you feel so inspired. This is The original Wild Unknown Deck. I haven't gotten the spirit animal deck yet 🙂

      1. Thanks for that invitation – I will do that! I mistakenly thought the Wild & Free Alchemist’s Oracle was a new Wild Unknown I was not aware of – they have a similar design foundation to my eye. Another deck to add to my wish list! I am loving TWU Animal Spirit Oracle deck. It’s animal symbol/medicine interpretations are somewhat different than the Native American traditions I am familiar with – so the process is like learning a new tarot deck that is not consistent with the Universal RW. It helps us to grow and expand!

        1. Yes I agree that the new depictions help us expand. The Wild Unknown was the gateway into Tarot for me, so I never learned on the RW. Now I’m working with the StarChild and Invisible Light Tarot. Both of which are non traditional. I love how they immediately tune you into your intuition and draw out what wishes to be channeled through. Something draws me in with the images of more symbols, animals, and sacred geometry. I do feel at some point I will want the original RW to also learn with and expand in a different way. All exciting 🙂

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