Throat Chakra Connected and Free Alchemist's Oracle

Throat Chakra, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Throat Chakra Connected and Free Alchemist's Oracle

:: Throat Chakra :: 5th Chakra ::

An open throat chakra is a song of love making with the divine. A clear channel of giving and receiving. It is the connection to all worlds and the ability to navigate and communicate tuning into energy, sensations, vibrations, subtle realms, and entire universes that one cannot see with the naked eye. The throat chakra is the 5th energy center. When in balance one will be authentic with communicating and free from doubting what inspires spoken word of light, vibration, and sound. Intuitive understanding and insight is connected and strong, along with the ability to communicate experiences and wisdom with fluidity. This is the flow of creation, poetry, art, and genuine self expression. As one recognizes their innate alignment with spirit it is natural to say what is felt with grace and not have a need to hide. Whether one is speaking to a friend or giving a speech in front of thousands of people there will be a voice with mighty power that speaks with clarity and conviction. Speaking from integrity will feel natural with the power of eloquence, free will, creative self expression and communication. The depth of honesty within ones own being the easier this channel will be to self express without constant refrain and doubt.

The throat chakra will constrict if fear is breeding in this energy center, this inhibits articulation for what is intuitively felt when this connection is weak. There can be a feeling that there is not a place to draw from in order to speak freely, the connection is temporarily severed. Nervousness and frustration can be present as this is fear closes this portal of communion. As one interferes flow of movement – miscommunication, uncertainty, doubt, shame and trusting the natural movement of expression can be stunted. One will feel disempowered and highly emotionally blocked or erratic when this channel is not clear and open. Singing, humming, writing, conversing, laughing, and finding unique ways to tune into this chakra will assist in opening and trusting the voice of the universe. The more one second guesses themselves, the divine voice slips into a meek and quiet shadow. Allowing ones voice to speak unhindered creates a deep trust within the core of being that can unearth deep truths and become a channel for the language of the divine. The invitation is to tune in and continue moving from a space of allowance where you are expanding from within and discovering intuitive ways to bloom the flowering petals of the heart. The more raw we are with ourselves and all beings the easier it becomes to write, speak, communicate, sing, and have unhindered fearless and magical expression.

Throat Chakra Connected and Free Oracle

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