TRUST Your Empathy


This is for all my empaths out there. The ones who can pick up on information without ever asking for it. The ones who can feel and sense on subtle energetic levels within themselves and others when things are “off.” Empaths, we are the ultimate readers in between the lines of bullshit and have access to information we don’t necessarily ask for but we undoubtedly receive. Our knowing goes far beyond feelings and hunches. It is a gift of universal knowing of people, places, situations, and experiences. I believe everyone has this empathy to a certain degree. However, there are some empaths that embody this gift fully and do not try to have it, they simply do. It is a blessing for some and for others can be a curse if they confuse what they feel with themselves. The more attuned we are to source of our being the less of a “problem” it is and more of a gift. If you are an empath and are getting overwhelmed by others and acting out in unpredictable ways don’t worry! Sometimes this is happening as a mirror effect. You are embodying how another is feeling and projecting it back to them so they can see their own self. I want to share today about Trusting your knowledge that you receive and empathy within intimate relationships.


As an empath you can feel yourself and others in a deep way that goes beyond emotions. You can immediately know when something is off, you can feel someones intentions in split seconds and you can know what sort of deep motivations and urges people have, and what binds them to suffering. Being an empath is a super power, a sixth sense. As empaths we must learn to trust our knowing and the more we attune to the messages the more they open to more discovering and understanding on more subtle levels. As we trust our own discoveries within our own self we are naturally able to pick up on others because we have either experienced it within ourself or we have been given the knowledge to feel deeply what another is going through. Sometimes this means being a compassionate ear or guide in some way, this is why the empath receives this gift. It is naturally assisting not only our own self and journey, but others we come into contact with. Something I have had to learn is to accept that this information comes through as a gift and to not hold it back any longer. When information wants to be shared don’t hold back, SHARE IT! Information coming through you isn’t necessarily for you. As empaths we cannot take all this feeling and information personal. Allow your self to move freely and allow your words and writing to be expressed. The only thing we protect by holding our tongues is our ego. The invisible character that is actually a FUCKING GHOST. So let yourself speak and write and don’t be afraid to go up to this random person you see on the street to talk. We cannot explain why we are compelled to do or say certain things but KNOW that as an empath this is simply a gift moving through that we don’t always need to explain and can’t always explain even if we try. Remember, as empaths we see the unseen, no need to try to explain ourself. As we move in this trusting way everything that is received starts to become more and more clear and the less we will confuse what someone else is feeling with our own. This is our gift. The more we can recognize our gifts, the less they feel like a problem. Yes, it can be overwhelming at times and sometimes we have to freak out for a bit, but thats okay!!! This means we are still learning about our gift and feeling it out. We must remember the more we trust that it is here to guide and assist then we can start using this gift in more constructive ways then feeling over powered by it. We will begin to embrace it and our channel becomes more clear as we trust instead of seeing it as a burden or curse.

As empaths we pick up on the most “stuff” in intimate relationships. Being in a relationship means let us ready to be a mirror and be mirrored back what we need to see! Yeeeehaww! And keep saying Thank YOU! because many times we don’t discover certain things about ourselves until we are living with someone in close quarters. It can expedite a LOT of bullshit on both sides. Which is fucking awesome and not always easy. If your partner is going through something and not communicating about it YOU will definitely pick it up and can begin to embody it and acting very strange things out in order for the person to look in the mirror. This is not something planned it happens automatically. As a empath you are a channel for information to come through. So don’t be so surprised when you are saying and doing things that are “out of the norm” for you. Most likely you are only reflecting something back to the person you are with. This happened recently with my partner and me. I learned from my last partner the value in communication. Hasn’t always been my strong suit. But he was extremely good at communicating and asking questions, it was amazing! Seems basic right?! Communication = Working things out! Well thankfully I learned and am still learning to communicate more effectively because of this lover. With my current partner I am asking many questions because he is a lot more internal than I am. I talk about what is going on because it immediately can clear the air. Why have things build up when you don’t have to?  As an empath I pick up on my partners energy and have to ask him what is going on or how he is feeling or else he simply remains quiet. As an empath that sort of thing is strange for me because the way I feel is WHY DON’T WE JUST TALK about it? Everyone processes things so differently we have to know that some things that feel in misalignment simply need to just run their course and it IS NOT our job to solve others problems. I spoke my mind the other day when I was feeling something so deeply and I had to talk to my partner because it was affecting me physically and I knew it was coming from “an outside source.” Nothing was planned I didn’t know what I was going to say but an outpouring of so much rawness came out and it felt refreshing to empty out what I was picking up on. He said it really needed to be addressed but hadn’t been speaking of it.  As empaths we can be very sweet and compassionate but sometimes when there is a pure knowing of a situation and it can no longer remain quiet we can be really intense with what comes out of us. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW IT COMES OUT. Its okay sometimes to be scary or intense. LET THE UNIVERSE SPEAK THROUGH YOU. Don’t try and force anything to come out in the way YOU think it should. Sometimes the best medicine is in the way you least expect to arise. Simply trust the process and don’t get in your own way. This day cleared a lot of strangeness that I felt lingering in the air. I can’t stand that shit I like to bring things up if they need to be addressed. Of course there are times I have to really sit with something to identify WHERE it is coming from, then I speak when I feel clear about it. With my partner I could feel this heaviness in every cell of my being and I knew it wasn’t me. But it was literally putting me to sleep because it was so heavy. As empaths we will physically start to have effects also and by that point we should’ve already said something. We must remember we are here to all assist each other. WE ALL HELP EACH OTHER, empaths or not. But it is not our responsibility to fix anyone, because it cannot be done. The best we can do as empaths is bring to light what needs to be seen and know that it isn’t our responsibility to do more than that. Simply let your gift flow from you without holding back and let the rest happen in its own natural unfolding. We are all here to shed light on different aspects of each other and as empaths we must embrace what we feel and trust what needs to be spoken through us.



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