What do you want to focus on? Yesterday, I wrote a blog about intention setting. Something for you to sit down with yourself and confirm what is truly important to you. Your wildest dreams and visions. Today, I want to focus on what you wrote down and taking steps to act on your intentions. Your written intentions are powerful because they are the desires your heart wishes to express while you are here. Simply writing down intentions and goals is only the first step. You can’t expect these things to magically show up on your door step. Although from my own experience sometimes they do…depending on what it is. If your energy is not aligning with your intentions, then you won’t see much movement in the goals and visions you wrote down.

First step, is to check in with yourself. Do you feel grateful, happy, and abundant internally? This is your natural vibration of health and wellness. If you do not feel this way you are still siding with fear and doubt on certain levels. This will block you from bringing your intentions into physical form. Being in complete alignment with yourself and feeling the aliveness in you is first what you need to check in with. If you are moving from a state of lack and fear you will be returned that same energy in whatever you are trying to focus on. Nothing you can create or do will fulfill you later if you don’t feel full inside now.  Recognize the wholeness that you are is the one that perceives all that comes and goes within you. This is primary. Coming back to this, your most natural state, is your pure nature. The one that is empty of all fear. Don’t try and nit pick at all your perceived problems, it will take you to your death bed without enjoying your natural state. Your natural state comes before all that is arising. Keep bringing your attention here, until you don’t have to try anymore and see it is the most natural way you are.

Second step is to move from beingness. This is natural and everything you do will have full power and attention to focus on what makes your heart happy. Whatever you wrote down on your intention list to focus on you can begin from your natural state. This means you won’t be moving from lack or trying to do something that will fulfill you LATER. You will be fulfilled in each small act because you are doing it FULLY in each moment. Your heart has been wanting to express what you wrote down and now its time to put your energy in that direction. Those things you have been dreaming about doing are about to burst out from inside you. You only needed to get out of your own way. Now, that you are moving from your natural state you can start incorporating into each day one action that helps you work toward your vision. Think of this as a fun game and the work that your doing is pure joy. You will be surprised what starts to flow out of you when you are experiencing your new or existing endeavor in this way. One small step a day will expand over time because you will want to invest more of your time in this and less in what doesn’t serve yourself and your vision. Your self and your vision are tied together. It is an outer expression of YOU.

Third step is to TRUST. When you are feeling in alignment with yourself you will be moving like water in a river. Not to say there won’t be boulders in the way, but like water you gracefully flow. This trust you have will take you far because inside you feel you can no longer contain your vision. Your vision flows through YOU. Many people have similar visions but they can never be exactly the same. It is not a mistake that the vision is coming to you and has been in the back of your mind for years. Its ready come into physical form. Any doubts you have? Great time to tell them to F*** off. They won’t be needed at this time. Challenges that come will only be invited in by you because they are challenges that will only destroy what you no longer need. You will want to go through them because you see how they are assisting in breaking down walls within you. Trusting your process is huge because you will be trusting in yourself and life. If you are sincerely putting your energy with your vision and taking steps every day to invest your energy here I don’t see anything getting in the way. Now, if it isn’t your TRUE vision you could be tested and that vision destroyed because there is something else that resonates even more deeply with your heart. Keep trusting. You are HERE aren’t you? On this planet that is floating in outerspace? Remember that when you start to doubt. 

Trust your vision FULLY.

Be grateful.

Give thanks.

Be grateful.

Give thanks.

Your perspective is everything.



Express Yourself <3