Turquoise Stone of Truth


Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. Immediately when I see it I feel it emanates a peaceful strength. Turquoise has been used for thousands of years by warriors and shamans. It is a symbol of wisdom and a protective stone that carries the essence of wholeness and truth to one who wears it. Many cultures believed while wearing turquoise they became united with all that is. Different stones carry different properties that emit energies which can assist us on subtle vibrational levels. Turquoise has always been a major attraction for me because it feels like royalty when I see it and I feel like a queen when I wear it. Turquoise empowers those who are not accustomed to sharing their insight, gifts, or wisdom and gives the wearer the strength to know that we each have gifts to share with one another. It is no surprise how popular turquoise has been worn throughout time from tribes to high fashion. We feel the immensity of the power when we wear it. The stone contains a heart based vibration that brings love energy to all that we do. Remember, you don’t NEED anything outside yourself. When you are one with your being you will see that you do not need anything outside of you to assist you. When you are real with yourself you will be able to trust yourself enough to know that you have the strength to do what comes before you. It is beautiful to use stones & crystals reminding you of your strength and inner knowing, but not something to depend on. I like to enjoy stones because they are beautiful, when I choose one I do not research it I simply feel the stone in my hand and allow the vibration to connect with me.

As turquoise is a representation of truth I do not think it is a mystery why we are so attracted to it. At the core of us we are drawn to what is true and crave to do what feels natural for us to express. We try many things we do not like so that we can come back to our true authentic nature. Turquoise is a reminder to stand firmly with what is true and do not listen to voices of others when they are telling us what is possible or impossible. The color of turquoise carries a strength that is felt to remind us to keep listening to OUR internal guide and to not listen to those who impose their wishes on us. Whether a post it note, a crystal, photograph, stone, or piece of jewelry reminding you of what you want to do. Use it if you need it. Sometimes we need a little reminder to keep going when everything around may be seem to be working against us. But we must remember that we contain all the energy of any crystal we can possibly collect. There is nothing wrong with reminders along the way if they are empowering us to follow what brings our heart joy. As humans we love ritual and overtime these rituals and symbols we carry around eventually embody within our being and we no longer need them. So use these tools while you need them and embody the vibration that comes with the tools.

You are the ultimate one beyond any stone or crystal.

Express Yourself <3