Watering The Wrong Garden


So much pressure, stress, fear. Where is this arising from? Does it come from society, family, or friends? Does it come from our very own creation? This stress that seems to be the norm? As if dosing with prescription meds or working out obsessively can cover up or mask fear that does not have to be lived with. Why do we hold on to this stress? Is it comforting? Is the cage that is created around the heart a way of being safe? Do we enjoy feeling self contained in a specific and false way? Are we scared of our own naturalness? What is on the other side of this stress and pressure that is felt? What is the fear that we let grow inside without questioning ourself? Why do we water this garden of fear daily?


“What is wrong with me?” A question that the mainstream media disgustingly feeds off of to profit from. Like a drug this question is pushed into the bloodstream. For the ones who believes it becomes consumed with a constant “fixing.” Most information absorbed from the media are brainwashing lies meant for us to swallow and accept without question. Fear abides in the news and information plastered all over the world only to be imprinted in the minds and hearts of all our brothers and sisters. We become fearful to move in our own bodies, paralyzed to breathe our unique rhythm. Afraid to express ourself in a way that doesn’t match what others may want to see. We are being injected not only with drugs through substance abuse and pharmaceutical drugs, we are being injected with the most lethal drug in existence. FEAR. The only thing which causes a seeming separation of self. This false fear grows a whole garden within the being of all those who accept what is being fed to them and it perceivably covers the pure consciousness we truly are.

The people who claim to love us may still try and sway us in the wrong direction because of their own fear they hold about life. We must reject the mud of fear that is covering the light of our own heart. The closest people to us can be the most uplifting and inspiring beings, coming from love. They can also be the ones who are moving from fear, feeding us lies we slowly accept. Between societies game of feeding your insecurities like demons, they grow stronger as you step away from truth. As dark and twisted as this system or culture may seem at times, remember this. Your pure light of consciousness can never be dimmed by anything unless you allow yourself to be injected by this false fear. All who feed off of your pain can be shown a different way when we reject this fear based illusion made real. As you stand in your own light you will see how the darkness cannot remain. Everything must melt into this presence.


Do not be comforted by the illusions of fear based living. Do not be intimidated by the “weird” ideas or big dreams that you hold in your heart. Do not be scared of the unknown that you are and how this wishes to express in this form. These are seeds of divinity implanted in your DNA. These so called strange or weird ideas are the gifts that arise through you as embodied divinity to share with your brothers and sisters. Any fear being offered by those who cause a stress and insecurity in the body must not be accepted. The umbilical cord of fear that stops your loving flow must be cut so you can embody your own flowering. This becomes easier and easier the less we give power to these dark forces. Remember, all these forces that come appear within YOU. They did not come before you. They are witnessed because YOU are here. We must not get comfortable attached to these umbilical cords that keep us babies in our own kingdom. We must flower fully and listen deeply to the silence that holds all of existence.


May the love that is ever present eradicate every cell of destruction that seemingly covers up the beauty that is always here.


Express Yourself <3