Wear What You Want, Don’t Think Twice


Photographer Matthew Gallagher <3

So often we can allow ourselves to be influenced by others with our style and what we wear. Sometimes this is fantastic when we need creative inspiration, but not when we are doubting our creative power and style. Do you ask your friends if you should wear an outfit or not? Or do you wear what you want and don’t think twice how you are perceived? Sometimes I look like I just left the jungle and other times I look like I just walked onto the red carpet. Does it matter either way? Not to me. Any way I’m expressing myself that day is completely fine. Somedays I want to dress and feel like a queen in a beautiful dress and some days I am casual. Does that take anything away from who I am? Of course not. Don’t be so hard on yourself. When you are too concerned with your image you will forget how to have fun. How to PLAY! Every time you put a different outfit on you have the opportunity to flirt with life in a different way. Some days you won’t want to do your makeup and leave your hair wild. Does that take away from your beauty? NEVER.


Valentino <3

When you are enjoying the beauty of being here. Your true beauty that emanates from you. You can feel beauty in all of your cells that cannot be measured by your looks. So naturally this will come into your style because you feel so damn good. In this kind of beauty you won’t even be limited to certain styles because you know you are not fixed to anything in particular.


Photographer Mathew Gallagher

When you can move confidently in one aspect of life, this can impact all other aspects. If it is fashion, creative work, relationships, WHATEVER it is you easily do. This confidence will naturally move to other aspects of your life. I’m not talking about a cheap confidence that comes with putting on something amazing when you feel like doo doo inside. I’m talking about the kind of confidence that is unshakeable within you that can persevere through all challenges that arise. Let this confidence with whatever moves your heart the most be an opportunity to let this energy wash over you. This is a vibration of joy that will allow you to relax into yourself and feel confident in each step you take. Whether you are wearing Valentino heels or barefoot running around the jungles in Costa Rica. Let your appreciation and gratitude for being here soak into you so any self consciousness that arises falls completely away. You have the power to let those stagnant energies go. You are beyond worthy and unworthy.

You are amazing.

Rock your style.


Valentino <3


Express Yourself <3