What Eyes Are You Looking With?


Photo Credit Ryan Davidson @deepgreyphoto

All whom you come across are divine reflections of you.

How do you see other beings when you meet?

Do you fill your mind with stories as you look into their eyes, pretending to know their heart?

The only way to see into the heart of another is to see your own heart, with no story and no projections of past or future.

When you recognize your own heart you see the same heart in all beings you meet.

You see another in this true way and this allows them to fully be who they are, because you are not attaching anything false to them. You are simply recognizing the beauty of being and sharing this exquisite moment.

What can be more beautiful than moving in this way through this world?

What a difference it makes when another is in pain and they come in contact with one that only sees their beauty. Does this not dissolve the pain quicker than any other antidote?

When another is feeling deep sorrow or anguish allow them to fall into your arms and embrace them in love and tenderness. This pain one feels is a movement that is not to be resisted, but allowed to move through gracefully. Holding space for another being to weep gives them permission to not hold back and to let stagnant energies move through. Looking at them without a story will assist in them losing their false identity and into who they are.

Where simplicity in being resides, is what every cry in existence is for. One may think that crying is something negative, but it can be a cleanse that brings a freshness back into play.

You are never below or superior to another human. When you meet each one with the vastness of yourself you will see the natural dance in all forms that are all teachers and students guiding each other home.

I encourage you to ask yourself…

What eyes are you looking with?

Empty yourself of all preconceived notions about another.

At the core you are the same one dancing in different forms.

Sending you love and light wherever you may be.

Express Yourself <3