When Family and Friends Think You Are Cray Cray


When you start to do what you love and live in a way that feels incredibly in alignment, you cannot deny it and you also realize there is no turning back. There will be people in your life that support you tremendously and rooting for you from the first conversations about your flow and ideas, & there will be people in your life that will tell you your ideas and plans will never work and are crazy. It is crucial to keep listening to those who encourage and support you. Those people are your true family and can understand your heart. They are the ones you can open yourself to and share with as you go through challenges and they will remind you why you started if you start to doubt yourself.

In my own experience, the people who don’t support your authentic expression are those who have not embarked on their own journey expressing themselves fully. Many times these people who are discouraging you do not think your ideas and plans can come into action many times because they fear in their own self  to embark on following what brings them joy. It is always the people who support you that see we are only bound by our minds with what is possible or impossible. These supporters believe in you because they know of your limitless potential and that anything you want to create can be created with your energy fully immersed in that direction.

It can be challenging when it is people who are the closest to you who judge and discourage you. I have experience with the discouragement from the people who are closest to me and experience with encouragement from people closest to me as well. The ones that discourage me want to see tangible success in monetary outcome from working on my creative endeavors, but to me the success comes from the satisfaction of being joyful in what moves through me. Doing what I love and doing it regardless money is coming in or not. Although it can be challenging sometimes I have much more joy creating and expressing my heart rather than giving my energy to a dissatisfying lifeless job that drains my energy. I have no doubts inside that money will flow in when I honor my heart and do what brings me joy. I would much rather move through these challenges as I do what I love rather than make minimum wage wishing I could be creating. Its really up to each of us to choose which way we want to go. I know that I have been taken care of completely when the shift from having a normal job to switching to do what I love took place fully. Yes it IS challenging at times, but once you keep going and creating what you enjoy there is no turning back. You know inside there is no other way you would want to live. So you take on the challenges because they are worth it, for obvious reasons.

When family or friends are getting on your case about how life moves through you and you start to get frustrated remember that its a compliment in a way. Why? They are actually encouraging you through their own doubt because it makes you question how authentic is this expression to you REALLY? So thank them because they are helping remind you that YES you do want to continue because this is the most natural thing that arises from your being. How many people give up a normal life to live fully and honor what is in their heart to express? The number is definitely growing each day, but of course there are many who find it extremely terrifying. So realize that honoring yourself in this way is also honoring that in others who are fearful of doing what they love.

Sometimes there is a time when you have to cut ties with the people that don’t support you even if they are the closest people to you. Other times there is a break in the relationship for a period of time and this is okay. It is not your responsibility to convince anyone of anything about your life. You do what you do and you will naturally align yourself with those who support you. Those people will most likely inspire your creative projects while they support you as well. So do not worry about those who are not by your side. They are not meant to. Don’t take in their opinion personally as most of it will be a projection of their own issues onto you. I remember wanting to express to someone how much joy is expressed in what I do but recognized they don’t really care about that at all. Anyone who recognized you are doing what you love out of sheer joy of doing it won’t question you. They will be happy for you. So don’t worry about your non supporters because you only give them more energy to fire at you when you try to defend yourself. You are not here to defend what, how, or why you do anything. You are simply here to do what you do out of the naturalness of doing it.

So don’t worry about the negative nancys out there.

Ride the wave with the ones that are your number one fans.

The ones that support your most ridiculously weird ideas are the best friends you could possibly have.

Express Yourself <3

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