Who Are You Beyond These Faces?


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Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Self Expression. So much fun when identity is not attached to the different looks.

Playing Dress up can be so much fun, but if you take it seriously you will start to embody it as who you are. Are you having fun with adorning yourself in fashion trends and your own unique style or are you obsessed with needing to appear a certain way, projecting a certain type of look for others?

If you are obsessing too much on external looks then there is something inside that is not completely fulfilled internally. Your style and fashion can be completely playful and enjoyable.

Are you stressed out about your appearance or is it something that you have a healthy relationship with and find easily expresses itself? Do you question what will someone think of what you are wearing or what your hair looks like or do you simply do what you want with your style and makeup with no concerns to others reactions?

Do it because YOU like it. Change you hair or buy that lipstick because it makes YOU feel good. Lets say you are going out on a first date with someone who you have been excited to get together with. Are you going to go through a million outfits wondering what HE would like to see you in? Or do you put on what you know you love, an authentic expression of who you are? If there is a true confidence inside you will pick the second option and rock the look you love. The person who will be the most perfect match for you is going to absolutely love your style however you show up. This authentic style is a little glimpse of your hearts expression. Why on earth would you want to change that to please someone else?  I’m looking out my window right this moment watching a girl with pink and blue wild hair and fuzzy leg warmers on get into her car and drive away. I don’t know her story, I know nothing about her.  I do know she is not giving a second thought to what people may think of her, she isn’t afraid to let her creativity shine.

When you start to change your outer appearance for someone else, a partner, group of people, or a job, it feels restricting. You aren’t letting your hair down in the way that you want. You aren’t being natural with yourself.

Beauty is the most exquisite when it shines from your internal state. You can wear ANYTHING and feel good because you aren’t masking anything or changing your expression for anyone. When you are rocking your own authentic style you will naturally look better and be more creative with what you wear. Why? Because it flows from a place that is fluid and real, not tight and contrived with paranoid feeling of how to be. Let your self express naturally. Do what feels good to your uniqueness.

Express Yourself <3