Who Is The One Trying To Improve?


Photo by @nylonmag

It is beautiful to me how fashion is representing the cosmic universe in the clothes, makeup, and hair. What an amazing reminder of the galaxies within us.  Even through clothing and makeup we can be shown a different perspective. Everything is constantly reflecting our self. Always. This is naturally occurring.

I want to share about “self improvement”

I want to ask you WHO is the one who is trying to improve?

You might say me! Of course it is ME trying to improve! Who else could it be?

It is good to notice the one who is trying to fix and improve upon themself.

The one that is trying to fix and improve upon themselves is the SAME one who also tells you negative things about yourself. The one who tells you to quit smoking is the same one who tells you to start.

Do you see this? If so…how can you trust this one?

Do you see that it is a thought created and believed in and can go in any direction you put your energy towards?

Can you actually trust this one?

Can you put all of your power into a fleeting thought?

Well….you could but I guarantee in a few seconds that thought will change.

OR maybe it won’t. Maybe that thought that makes you feel so good about your self will last a few months. Then you REALLY start to feel good and everything is going great! Not….

What happens when that thought changes to feelings that make you feel depressed and anxious?

Do you not see it is the same culprit on both sides? They both come from a made up thought form.

Do you think positive affirmations will help you? Who is the one that they help?

Is it only an imagined version of who you think you are?

If you keep believing in “The person you want to become” who the hell does that make you now?

Who is this mysterious person you will become later?

Will you even live until tomorrow?

How can we know?

Do you want to “believe in yourself a little more every day?”

Will you not exhaust yourself by all this becoming?

Be careful of self improvement techniques, because they only take you down a rabbit hole.

How can YOU be a technique? A project?

You are beyond self improvement. This will only trap you.

Who wants an ongoing life of trying to improve constantly? Sounds EXHAUSTING.

Does “improvement” not happen naturally as you recognize that you don’t have to try in the way you have been trying?

The “broken one” that needs to be fixed…can this not be also the “confident one” that has it all?

Watch for these plays of your mind because your power to them is what carries on this game.

Pay attention to the one that sees this play occur.

What a wild ride.

Freakin wild.



Photo by @nylonmag


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