Why So Serious?



Is laughter and playing something normal for you? OR do you find yourself super uptight forgetting that everything can be hilarious that is going on. Taking oneself too seriously is the number one funniest plays of life that can be witnessed. This seriousness is completely opposite of the magic that is in this moment of being here. I mean…come on guys its pretty awesome being here even if we are freaking out about something. You have to ask, when one is serious…who is the serious one? Who is the one being serious? Think about that for a hot second. Do you think this is really¬†your authentic self expressing? Of course there is a time and place for seriousness, but overall life is something extremely joyful and fun. If you are too serious on the regular its a great time to¬†check in with yourself. WHO IS IT BEING SO SERIOUS? This seriousness many times stems from many false ideas one can have about themself. Ideas about what you should or should not be doing is a huge factor to how serious you are. Instead of spending your energy on what you should or should not be doing ask yourself what do you love instead of what SHOULD you do. What do you naturally enjoy doing? If you ARE NOT doing what naturally feels right for you chances are you are being very serious….maybe even grumpy….no one likes a grumpy monkey….shooooooot YOU don’t even like a grumpy monkey. We can all agree on that. Don’t be a party pooper, the one standing in the corner murmuring under your breath about all the happy people on the dance floor. Go on, get in there, shake that bum bum and see how good it feels. You may even have someone else join you to shake their bum bum with you. Double the fun! Maybe you think this is overly optimistic and there are REAL problems to be addressed. Yes, there are many things in life that are more serious times than others, but the people¬†I am speaking to are the people who are driving themselves kookookachoo in their seriousness. I’m inviting you people specifically to shake your bum bum.

What I like to keep into perspective is that I might drop dead tomorrow.

That may seem morbid, but in all honestly we NEVER know what the hell is going to happen. Lets get real here. Isn’t that what makes this fun anyways? Make as many to do lists as you want but if you start writing 1. wake up. 2. brush teeth 3. make coffee you are in a “SERIOUS TRAP.” In ONE DAY, has it ever gone exactly as you thought it would with your lists and plans? I highly doubt it. You can never know how a day will go and there is immense beauty, magic and laughter in that. When you keep the perspective that you might not be here tomorrow what happens then? It naturally creates space for you to explore and play with what you love to do. Something natural that is expressing specifically from you in a way that expresses differently from any other human being on this planet! You can still make a to do list if thats what you enjoy doing. Some people love being organized and plan things, and thank god for those people because it helps people like me that don’t plan much.¬†BUT PLEASE, don’t beat yourself up you organizers and planners for not completing the 20 things on your to do list before noon. Cut yourself some slack.

Much of the time seriousness comes from holding onto a false identity that can make one very sick. Eventually it has to fall away because you can’t hold it up for too long. This is when laughter, joy, and a vibrancy for life comes in because there is no false image of yourself that you are trying to hold up. Notice how sometimes you get physically sick also when you are in a constant state of worry, stress, and seriousness, this is your body shutting you down because you are driving yourself batshit crazy.

I know the most serious times in my life when I was suffering the most. Because I was holding on to some idea of how the moment should be or how “I” should be in that moment. The time your start to relax in this unfolding is when you can live with joy and laugh with the world.

Life is super beautiful and magical and can be very simple when you are not living with your seriousness. Naturally seriousness will come at the appropriate time and place. BUT if you are living in seriousness constantly it’s not a bad idea to watch a comedian on you tube that can poke fun at you and show how ridiculous your expectations are on yourself and life are. So, this is just a friendly reminder that life is fucking awesome and you can enjoy the beauty.


Express Yourself <3