Wild Woman Rise

Wild Woman Rise

You are the  w i l d.
The  s o u l  orbit of your universe.

You dance, collide, and altar course by soul flight cycling through evolutionary upward motion.

you are inner majestic creative force that weaves story, magick, sensual beauty, song, dance, golden dragon breathing vision into all you conjure.

you ride the serpent of primal provocative motion, using force, fire, wind, earth, ether, blood, and marrow to cycle through death and carry life into crystal clear unearthed manifestations from raging soul desires to come forth in full potent magick.

You create New Earth here.

You are High Priestess of The Temple, ancient past lives of Lumeria and Egypt. Your guides from this time surround you now as you tune into Original Light. Your blood is woven by tears of falcons that bend to any frequency you choose to focus and transmit as. Your spell work is not bound by linear time, nor have you or will you ever abide by muggle regulations.

You create, bend, shape-shift, and transmit according to your own. You are a Free soul – unhindered, unbound, erotic, playful, childlike, wondrous, enthralled and devoted in the evolving mystery of your soul winged path. Your soul has been dedicated to your mission through all lifetimes, now you have come to complete this cycle, embody your soul and collapse all lifetimes into Now, in order for you to continue spiraling ever upward into ecstatic motion of union, bliss, and fire blazing joyous rapture. 

We need you Wild Souls. Each and every one of you shining your unique light here and Now. Choose your Power. Choose your Intuition and guidance first. Choose to not sacrifice yourself. Choose to bring your gifts forward into the world without hesitation. Choose the life you want to live from the deepest unfolding vast space within. Choose your freedom and highest manifestations of your True Souls Orbit to come alive now. This world needs your Light.