You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be, Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle

The winds of change are present to turn you inside out.

This is where authentic expression of divine expansion blooms. With your allowance and permission this can fully come alive. Or, the current is already sweeping you swiftly into the stream. Life is expanding, even in the contractions these are all cycling to more depth and beauty to be birthed from you. Can we tune into our being and feel we are where we need to be? This is giving oneself fully to experience what is showing itself. Who are we around and what experiences do we find ourselves in? Even through the darkest experiences where our bones feel like they are breaking and we are bleeding from within, right here on the edge of death there is a new lesson to be revealed, an expansion of magick to evolve. Knowing deeply that all contrast is assisting with uncovering the divinity within and to move in the direction aligned with ones dynamic being.

As you rest within the power of who you are beyond any circumstance you will begin to be ignited with sparks of divine inspiration that propels right action. Right Action – Action that springs from the wholeness of being. Not the movement of fear, hesitation, or lack. The movement that isn’t in a hurry, but one that is deeply listening to what is being asked in the most subtle realms of frequency. One can only hear when there is space to listen for guidance from spirit, each one of us discovers a unique way to listen. This space within can sense fear, but does not become overwhelmed by fears fleeting aroma. This space is sacred and unique to each individuals essence. This infinite loop expands and contracts as the entire universe breaths through you. There is a trust that moves deeply as we remain in the depth and power of our being without judging what naturally wishes to move. There must be a movement as trust with what feels authentic and true, more than that which empowers lesser forces causing dissonance and disservice to the evolution of spirit.

We are exactly where we need to be for lessons and understanding to take root. What appears vibrationally is consistently matching the frequency we currently embody. These cannot be regarded as a two separate movements. If something appears in your field that you wish to change, It is here as a reminder that another way is emerging and a death of an old cycle is coming to a close. As this growing takes place we have the option to open and close doors, energetic pathways, and create new relationships from within that change our entire experience. All is beginning with our own vibrational frequency, feeling ourself first before situations/circumstances can shift. We know how we feel when we are at our highest, most vibrant and happy. As we gauge our present moment experience there is an immense amount of information within and all around us that is reflecting what we are emitting. As we get real with ourselves immense shifts in perspective can be realized. First, accepting fully where we are and come into a space where clarity has gravity to drop in and be felt. As we continue aligning with soul purpose, our outer circumstances will have a natural shift in movement with each inner door that opens. The more subtle we travel inward we will begin to experience the fluidity of life moving us, like magick. In this deep relaxation, perceived blockages will disappear and a new portal revealed.

Express Yourself <3

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