Your Greatest Mirror


Alright loves,

No one wants to hear this, please sit down if you are holding onto some false image of who you think you are…hehehe 🙂 <3

I gotta say this…Your partner, is a reflective mirror of you…yep…I know hard to hear, especially if you are about to go crazy on your partner for something you think THEY caused.

All that is unsettled or disturbed within you will be shown to you by your partner if you haven’t looked yourself. This is one of the most challenging aspects of diving deeply with someone if you are constantly avoiding yourself. It is also one of the greatest rewards for those of you who want to see the beauty of your reflection when you face yourself completely. The clean air you breathe after facing swamp-like tendencies leaves such a sweet fragrance that you know the heartache and challenge is only a blip in the totality. When you taste the sweetness you start to thank the perceived conflict. When your partner is ticking you off this is a big indicator this button is being pushed for a reason. When these things arise do you shut down and avoid confronting what is arising or do you face it? Do you blow up blaming your partner for YOUR irritation, sadness, or discomfort?

I learned from my previous partner about communication tremendously. He is an excellent communicator and I appreciate his openness and incredible ease of being able to talk about anything. It created a powerful space to open up and discuss even the biggest challenges. I brought that communication into my current relationship and feel that after experiencing such amazing communication from my last partner its something that cannot leave me now. I find that when something arises for my partner and I now it is natural for us to talk about it. Because there is immense trust and love. We don’t feel we need to hide from each other because we know that is only hiding from a false identity. Anytime you sense a restriction about being able to speak openly it is normally because there is a protecting of an image we have created about who we are. Why on earth protect such a limitation?

Every relationship we have is showing us a DIRECT mirror of our relationship with ourself in the most intimate way. There are specific people in your life that are great teachers. People you work with, people you live with, your partner… We must remember the buttons that are pushed are gifts!

Conflict is one of the masks the infinite wears to invite us to join the totality, and to stop identifying with the false image of self.

The more disturbed you feel the more opportunity for growth, remember that conflict is a door that is inviting you inside yourself, an opportunity for growth and to shed old skin you no longer need.


If your tendency is to avoid or react harshly look at this more closely. When I say this I mean YOU look more closely and sincerely. Within all relationships people throw around their own personal projections constantly. Be aware of this and do not take them in as truth. Both you and your partner will say things to each other that have NOTHING to do with the other but a mirror back unto your own self. They are simply there to bring it up for you to clear space within yourself. Take it all in and do not avoid the conflict but know that it is a gift from the infinite for you to recognize your own vastness beyond the illusion of a false identity.

It truly amazes me when I reflect on all my relationships, experiences, and situations I find myself in. All is only showing me what needs to be seen at the most perfect timing. This life is a miracle in the way it shows up for us to go beyond limitations. In all my relationship every person I have ever met has been my teacher for that moment in time. Whether it was a friendship that has lasted many years, a year long relationship with a lover, or a five minute profound connection with a wise man in a cafe. All of our relationships are bearing gifts many times beyond what is seen. We cannot take things for face value because there are many things working underneath the framework. We have to learn to read in between the lines.

All experiences and beings you encounter have the opportunity to show you all that lies within you. Do not let situations, arguments, or discomforts get the best of you. They are arising as a teacher to check in with yourself.

Its Spring baby!!! Let us shed what no longer serves us!


You…are Amazing <3


Express Yourself <3