Your Heart Is Beating


Lets think about today. What has happened today? When I say that think of what was happening inside you, in your internal body and think of what was happening outside of you. Hard to tell the difference, isn’t it? That is because what is happening in you is happening outside of you according to how you are perceiving the world. Stop for a minute and scan real quick and think about everything you went through today. Has your day been easy to flow? Or are you struggling?

When you are struggling, those things that you were struggling about, did any of them actually happen or was the stress only residing in your mind? And lets say those things that stress you out did happen in real life. How are you now? You made it through didn’t you? You are reading this aren’t you? Possibly with a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home or a cute little cafe. You are still alive living and breathing. Is that not AMAZING? Sometimes we forget the most simple things are the most amazing gifts. Oh My God….I can type right now! I get to type on this amazing machine that I didn’t invent. I simply went to the store and bought it and now I get to express my self  through writing and sharing. THAT is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I think when we get down for whatever reason it is important to remember the little things, that are not little things at all…Lets use your eyes for example, all of you must have eyes if you are reading this. You look around each day soaking up EVERYTHING you see. You do not choose to see out of your eyeballs each day. It just happens naturally as you look around. Is that not freaking amazing?! It is super crazy to think about. So many things we do in life we try and plan out in certain ways. But when you think of the most natural movements of your organs and body, they are automatically working to support your life here. When is the last time you told yourself to breathe or to blink…to make your heart beat? Thank goodness it is happening automatically or we would be seriously screwed up. Can we live our lives in a more natural way? Doing what brings us joy because it is the most natural movement to make without thinking our way into a stressful life? Not to say stress is always bad, sometimes we can use it to propel us into amazing creations. Stress is no necessary when it is all consuming. I notice in my own life the more I do what feels natural for me the more alive I feel moving through this world. Remembering the way our heart beats for us and how we see through these eyes is a good reminder that everything is definitely okay. I mean a lot more than ok, but if okay is where you need to start, go for it. Sometimes it takes awhile to remember that we are living miracles walking on this earth. We like to play hide and go seek. It’s the most fun game us humans like to play. Sometimes we just like to hide our entire lives. But I write this to express that it doesn’t have to be like that. Moving through this world in a graceful way is possible. And can be very simple. It is possible in every moment and not some wild mystical magic carpet ride….unless you want it to be;) I kinda like the magical carpet ride, but I also realize not everyone is into that:)

So this is to remind you of how AMAZING and WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL you are.

Remember, when you are feeling down and out…your eyes can see and your lungs are doing the breathing for you. Allow your life to reflect the same naturalness that craves to move through you.

You are magical.

Like Whoa;)

Express Yourself <3