Your Inner Compass and Feeling “OFF”


Why is it that we ignore signs? The feeling of “something isn’t quite right” is there to realign us with what is in accordance with who we truly are. Everything is pointing back to the self. The unexplainable vastness from which all things arise and fall. As we align with our truth and recognize grace we can feel when something isn’t quite right. We can feel if we are with people that exhaust us and we can feel when we are at jobs that aren’t truly what we desire. All of these things we can feel because at our core there is an ease and lightness that somehow shines a light on all that isn’t matching what we need. When we focus more on our presence we will naturally start to reflect this grace. This is different for EVERYONE. We cannot judge ANYONE. NO ONE KNOWS HOW LIFE NEEDS TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER PERSON. We are unique in this way and this is the spice of life. Only we will know inside if we are moving with grace and this is all that matters. Grace has no way of appearing or not appearing. All personalities and forms take a part in this dance, and it shows up in a myriad of infinite personalities and possibilities.

Why is it we ignore when something is feeling off? When only beyond the fear of the unknown is where the magic is. I know for myself when a feeling of  “off” comes I allow it to be, I don’t like to jump to any conclusions. Sometimes I have to wait a few days to gain a clear understanding. I have seen it is better to not attach the feeling to anything at all and leave it alone until it is clear. When we start assuming what the “off feeling is” we can end up making all kinds of stories about what it is. Our feelings are not ALWAYS attached to a specific story. Anything can pass through us energetically and we must remember that as all feelings arise. These feelings are not always attached to a specific story. We are the ones who attach the feeling to a story. Sometimes a feeling is simply passing through. When we KNOW something is deeply attached to a story there is a tangibly different feeling in this, as oppose to random energy passing through. We can ignore certain depths because we are still grasping tight to some form of our identity. So when we ignore something it is mainly to protect this false identity we have made up in order to be “strong, powerful…etc…” When things are feeling off we are afraid at times to shake up our lives and change. Only beyond that edge is where the magic of infinity is exposed.

We must be wise to discern when to pay attention to certain feelings and when they can be easily dropped. When we ignore these discordant harmonies within us when we are filled with fear. The fear that is scared to go deeper within us. We become fearful of exposing fear when we are attached to the normalcy of supporting it. However, this fear is the very thing that frees us when we can see through its mask. When we are merged with grace we have the courage to go beyond these trivial fears that seem so big.

While we ignore our inner compass that tells us something is off we only breed more of its kind inside. Those little bastard gremlins are having a party in YOUR house!!!!  I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to join that party. We must listen to our radar inside, when its going off we must listen. We don’t always have the answer but we do have the ability to be patient with ourselves and the power to navigate these unseen internal signals. If there is something in you now that is feeling “off” I can tell you 3 pieces of magic that helps me with clarifying.

  1. Stay as the silence you are, this is where all is revealed.
  2. Say thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU
  3. Know that when your heart is sincere and open with all things that arise there is an opportunity for growth and clarity. Trust Completely.

You are amazing, vibrant, healthy, and beautiful. Always remember you are never alone. We are here to uplift, love, and support each other on this wild human journey <3



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