Allow Feelings To Move Through You

Is there anything wrong with feeling pain? Do you internalize what arises, stopping the flow of a natural movement? Do you allow feelings to flow through gracefully as they arise in your experience? You will always be the one who determines your attention and how you allow energy to move within you. It becomes more possible the more space that is created between your Self and what arises within you.

I find that there is tremendous ease internally when we allow any experienced pain to come through us, instead of trying to contain it or think we need to be feeling a different way. We cannot always pinpoint where every feeling and thought is stemming from when they arise, but they do come and how we are perceiving them is everything. Sometimes we identify too strongly with our emotions and we attach who we are to a fleeting feeling. Is there space within you to witness your feelings as not who you are, but simply feelings passing through? Our vastness is so great and incomprehensible in the most brilliant way that we have space for all feelings to pass through us. The perceived problem comes when we start to attach who we are to the feeling. For example, if I’m feeling depressed, is there anything wrong with that? Many would say yes without a doubt, why aren’t you happy? Sometimes the depression is a good thing because it makes you question yourself in a deeper way. Maybe the depression comes from not doing things in life that are fulfilling and so the questioning begins of living in a way that is in higher alignment with the truth of your heart. We must all pass through doors that rip our heart open and make us feel like we are dying. This sort of movement is crucial for strengthening us in ways that the most beautiful and joyful experiences cannot always touch on in such a profound way. This is why when pain comes we should welcome it and allow it to move through us. Energy needs to move, it cannot stay still. Energy must go somewhere. When you are feeling deep pain or extreme happiness neither of these things will stay with you. All comes back to a neutral space as these fleeting feelings come in and out of your world. Your allowance of all feelings to come and go means you are not controlling your experience in a way that is against lifes natural movement. There is nothing wrong with any movement that is arising and passing if you can see it as a movement and not as your identity. Any state that you may try and cling to, will inevitably pass. This is the nature of life. The only constant is in the natural state, the immensity of your being. When you recognize this, you have tremendous space between yourself and the feelings that are moving through. The feelings will not shake you as they once did. This does NOT mean you are emotionless and cold. It means you will have distance from emotions so that you won’t entangle yourself in a story about what it is. It will allow you to feel things in a more deep and true way because you will not be attaching false stories to feelings as they arise. This is a common reaction and creates many untrue ideas about a situation, making many false somethings out of nothing. When remaining as you are, your beingness naturally processes what arises without effort on your part at all. Simply, in your natural being all states can arise and pass without causing a hurricane of an event. Any intense effort on your part normally means you trying to rationalize feelings with your mind that can cause more stories and pain.

Crying is one of the most natural ways to refresh the self and there is NOTHING wrong with it. Your peace does not go away because you cry. Your joy does not disappear because you cry. This is simply a movement expressing naturally through you. To deny it is to not be authentic to yourself and the natural needs that wish to express. Allow yourself to feel what is going through you instead of worrying so much how this may appear to yourself or anyone else. Your sincere heart in the midst of pain will cleanse your spirit much more quickly than a strong will to deny your self. This facade can only last so long as there is a knowing inside all beings that realizes it is a false movement.

Your natural state, beingness, naturally responds to feelings in the most perfect way. Before you try to get in your own way with ways to “fix” things, your Self already know how to move. Allow yourself to relax into these movements or freak out when you need to. No need to make yourself feel guilty after you respond. Learn from all these movements and what is most authentic to your own heart will be the right expression for the moment. Different life experiences call for a different response within you and for other beings. Sometimes you have no idea why you responded to a situation in a certain way but your response isn’t always for you, sometimes it is for the other who is involved. Something they needed to experience through your response. Too often we keep questioning should I have done this or that? Then start doubting our experience. It already happened and however you responded or reacted was perfect for the moment. Now if you would like to contemplate it you are free to, but don’t live regretting what you said or didn’t say, how you responded or didn’t respond to a situation. Observe and learn. Feel deeply in the moment the feelings that come and allow this movement fully to move without analyzing and adding additional stories with your mind.

Allow all feelings to move through you~

Express Yourself <3

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