Back to Basics: NATURE & CLARITY


We come from this earth, made up of all the same elements. A natural reminder of our interconnectedness to all that is. Sometimes as silly humans we forget to set everything aside we think is important, so we can feel the earth below us and the stars above. I went camping this weekend to be out of the house and in my real home, with the earth. We are human beings and there are very BASIC things we need that keep us balanced and in tune. I’ve always felt that nature is always the best medicine to bring us back to our being.


As an empath & feeling everything so deeply I needed to take time for myself apart from my partner to be with myself. As I can feel everything so deeply, when he is going through something I feel it physically. We truly are not separate from each other in the way it appears. It became painful to feel so much physically and there was nothing I could do until he was ready to share. It was arising in him and I was affected feeling what was not being exposed. I needed the space to feel myself without being intertwined with him. This really allowed me to return home open and willing to dive more deeply with gratitude and patience in my heart. As an empath we can see through people even if we have never met them before, like looking through glass. The more I recognize this as a gift the less overwhelming it is because I can determine where energies are coming from.  However, this time I needed space to recharge. I’m grateful for what I can feel because it allows to come to light what needs to be seen. In myself and in relationships have. I know it can be difficult at times to be an empath, but the more we embrace it and give thanks the more truth it brings to the surface. If the truth is what we truly desire to surface than that is what will be revealed.  Some emapths ignore or suppress their gift because it can be so overwhelming, but you have the gift because you have the capacity to handle it. It wasn’t gifted to you to be a burden. It doesn’t have to be, it can be used as a powerful guide to bring clarity to what arises within yourself and others.


Nature flows exactly as it does. It is simply is happening in the most perfect way. Sometimes I feel in my own life within its flow how often times it is perceived by others as wrong or uncaring. However, I feel I am guided by the unseen and perhaps it may seem crazy to some, but when I come into nature to sit on the earth and sleep under the stars it doesn’t feel crazy to me.  Any other movement that is not in alignment with my heart/nature seems ridiculous. I make decisions from my heart, I have to. Not from feelings but something beyond feelings. It is the unseen that I trust because I see the magic it has when I follow this natural order. Is it not magic that we are here? If I follow a rudimentary lifestyle that others think I should…will my spirit not wither up and die? If I played by certain societal rules would my life be easier? Yes I think so….but will it be fulfilling? I think not…


We as humans restrict ourself in many ways. This isn’t a bad thing. From restriction we must go beyond it and this is how we expand. We restrict ourselves so we can rise beyond it. Our nature is unbound and free. We know when we are restricted and something isn’t right. We feel it in our bones and must come back to our unbound nature. Being in nature is like “Hey… are super magic remember? Nothing binds you, but your silly thoughts.” And your like “Oh ok….super simple.” So then we can all laugh at ourselves right?!  The complexities we experience only happen in the mind and then we physically bring them into reality until they are seen through for the illusion they are.


It was refreshing to be with nature. Mount Shasta directly across from where I was camping on Mount Ashland. I didn’t do much of anything but make a fire and relax. I was a little nervous about my fire because it was windy and I wasn’t really trying to burn down the beautiful mountain side! After I got over that, I relaxed:) Taking time to be with me and take space with what was going on with my beloved. It is natural to love one another and be compassionate, but it isn’t our responsibility to take on others perceived problems. Keyword: Perceive. Since most of the BS is made up anyway. Funny how we do that. I’m use to being a lone wolf and I enjoy it. I could see myself enjoying in this way for a long time. But there is something MAGIC about sharing and being open with another. I love the rawness of being with another human and how open it leaves us. There is NO WHERE to hide. Especially if you are living together. I like that, because hiding doesn’t serve anyone. Not us, not humanity. Being with a partner strips down illusion. I think that is the primary reason the initial attraction happens. Of course there is the juiciness of initial attraction…..we ALL love that part;) And then there is the masks that if present must be stripped down. I noticed this can only happen when both beings are open and willing for this. Or else it simply won’t happen. We can’t hang onto our identity if we want an authentic relationship.  I mean…we can both wear masks if we want to right? And just be a bunch of fake sons a bitches. Dating and being with people that only strengthen a false idea of who we are. All I have to say is FUCK THAT. Does NOT sounds like fun to me.


I could feel inside something was about to burst with me and my partner. I could feel an underlying tension that wasn’t right. I had to take space away from it. In that short time in nature it brought me back home fresh allowing things to unfold with fluidity. Although, I was on the brink of leaving. PEACE OUT!!! But its funny, right as we think about turning around the MOST amazing beauty comes from these moments. My partner and I took a beautiful hike and communicated about everything. I could feel it all truly came out. Bringing light to what was no longer serving. All of the bullshit was left on the mountain (thank you mountain). All that I was feeling from him left my body and I could feel it was a true shift. Empaths no when shit is off and we know when people are not sharing everything. We just do, no explanation or way to prove that. It’s a freaking super power. So the people who we are with cannot hide. It would be the worst game of hide and seek. Cuz I’m like….HEY WUD UP?! I SEE you hiding in that corner over there! Yea, that is an empath for you. We really feel when things start to get muddied up. The two things that can bring most light to any situation is BODY MOVEMENT and NATURE. Two simple human things that can bring immense clarity.

Give thanks to all you experience.

Keep saying thank you.

And be SOOOO happy you are here.

This life is a MIRACLE.


Mira Sol

Express Yourself <3

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