Beginnings Connected and Free Oracle

Beginnings, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Beginnings Connected and Free Oracle

Each moment contains infinite possibilities. Within infinite possibilities of the dreamscape we can conjure, create, and shape shift. All of this magic pouring in from the void. What evokes the magic and inspiration that heeds our call? What is the voice that whispers into the night of the life beckoning us forth to live? Do we hear the universe whispering, seducing us into what feels an unknown, ungraspable void? Do we even have a choice to surrender to this call? Or, by our very nature of being here we are already in the void pretending we are not yet in? Have we not signed up by the sheer magnificence of our being here? What is a new beginning that calls to our heart, and do we follow this one? The deep and true voice that is naturally propelling us in the most natural way? Do we turn away carrying on with what constricts our heart and feeds our delusions? Beginnings can sometimes call for courage, but once we are *in* we can sense that this naturalness that breathes life into existence is the only one which can move us

As we are in tune with our divine connection to source energy we are able to be propelled in the way that serves not only ourselves but all beings we encounter. Allow full permission to tune into what calls you to be guided and forge your path. What is the sense felt within the body/heart/mind each day when we awaken to a new beginning to moving in inspired and authentic expression? Give full permission to be as you are, this naturally allows all to fall into unique alignment. There are no bounds for what can be created, discovered, explored. We are boundless, infinite energy surpassing all time space reality. What is this new beginning you are embarking on and does it excite you in ways that make every other path less significant? Whatever this new beginning may be let it set you ablaze. This is not time to bow down to meek manifestations that water down existence. We are not here only to manifest what we want and jump from one desire to the next like little rabbits. What about the deeper voice that beckons you? This is where the portal opens. Once that door is opened there is no turning back. You know this, you can feel it and you are being seduced in. Allow that magnetizing pull of your own being to draw you inside.

Pure. Raw. Magic.

Beginnings Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

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