Birth, Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle

That which is birthing through you now is traveling through a new dimension that is completely unknown, or through what you have intuitively felt is coming into being. Allow space for the magick to unravel in ways that surprise you and take you to next level experiences. Allow goals, visions, plans, to be implemented leaving space for surprise of the unknown to show you something that you may not have thought to conjure up yourself. This birthing is for the allowance of all that is miraculous and unknown to have permission to enter into your space and expand in ways revealing yet another layer for you to move beyond the veil and bring you into the embodiment of a new way of being. As you connect to your internal guidance and take grounded steps to move toward what you desire to create you will experience new doors open for you that continue carrying you on your path. These doors open as you open them within yourself, your work and joy is to dance through. With each authentic movement honored you simply see that you can trust and are carried by life in each moment, your movements become fluid.

This new birthing cycle invites you to become clear about what is important to you, what do you value and where do you place your integrity to what is important at the deepest space within you? Take this time during this new cycle to tap into that crystalline space within you that is open, bright, and free. The space within you which naturally knows how to give birth to all that wishes to move through you. If you find yourself oscillating between what is seemingly clear and unclear how do you ground and stabilize within your clarity and move forward in this invisible strength? There is an ease in strength that comes from allowing your unique totality to rest and unfold within itself, how you surrender in this space is a unique journey only you can take yourself to. Only you, within yourself. The comfort and ease of someones words or energy can only take us to the bridge. We are the ones that must walk over, comfort and inspiration isn’t enough – it is simply a catalyst for the possibility of change.

May this new birth whether visible or non visible be honored by you in fullness no matter what circumstance, situation, or changes are occurring. As we remember the miracle of us being here at all we relax into deeper trust and understanding that each of our missions here are supported when we are honoring the higher road within.

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