Dust It Off: Spring Cleaning Time!!!


Why is it that we get caught up in what others are doing? With social media it is easy to do, isn’t it?The question I want to bring to the surface is how do we use what others are sharing to assist in ourown life? Are we merely wishing we were living in this persons shoes? Or, are we seeing their expression and story as a way of inspiration, creativity, and focus on our own endeavors?

Social media is a fantastic tool we have now for sharing ourselves with each other. For myself, I feel the point of social media it is to uplift, inspire, influence, expand, co-create, and share our full expressions with one another. Are we comparing ourself and spending a lot of time absorbing what others are doing? Or, are we using social media for inspiration, contributing ourselves to this amazing time we are living in?

Every one of us has life experience that has given us insight and wisdom along the way. Why not share ourselves with each other? What is the use of our learned experience if we aren’t sharing it with others? There can be a huge amount of absorbing what others are doing where we begin comparing ourselves. But what good does this do? This only makes us feel as if we are “behind” in some way. We must not compare ourselves, but see others INSPIRATION as energy for our own creative endeavors. Admire, respect, enjoy, and learn from those we look up to, but we must not forget of our own joy that wishes to express. We are here to support each other and lift one another up. If we don’t see this, it’s because we tuning into the wrong social media and perhaps the wrong friend group. Spring cleaning time!!! 🙂

Whatever is our endeavor right now. WHATEVER is our focus, we are bound to go through high times and challenges. As we think about our friends, family, and social media feed…What kind of messages are we receiving daily? Are they embodying what we resonate with internally? Are our friends supporting us through the highs and lows? Are we reading messages full of truth and light in them? Do we have friends that are posting constant negative feed on our FB profile? All of these messages in our environment impact us. Why? because our environment is a mini universe that surrounds and influences us. We must remember to take a step back and see what we are allowing to continue.


If we are having all this negativity being seen every day what does this say about us? We have to ask what are we tuning ourselves into and WHY on earth are we reading this BS everyday? It always comes back to our own state and a mirror of ourself. It is now spring time. During this time I like to clean out all that doesn’t serve me. It is a time to check in with what we are FEEDING ourselves. Just like food, our environment is also feeding us. How are we feeding ourself through our environment? Are we still living with those roommates that don’t give a shit about us or our home? Are we in relationships that we have outgrown? Are we still at that job we hate or are we putting our focus and attention on what serves our joy and well being? Spring is a time for cleaning out the stale and embracing more of what we want to do. It is always within our power to invite in what is nurturing and good for us and saying NO to the things that are no longer in alignment with us.

We have to be our own wizard to truly embody the magic that we wish to be living. This means spring cleaning the dirt out of all aspects of our self. Maybe there is one burning aspect of our life that we know we have been neglecting. Maybe it is a long list of BS we are ready to give up. Our timing is always perfect, no need to waste time comparing ourself to someone in our life or on social media. Remember, the pressure we put on ourselves is only created by us. When we allow this internal pressure to be there our creation becomes stagnant and visions become dim. Let us do what is good for us now. Spring cleaning does not mean a time for making ourself guilty for all of these things we haven’t done yet. It is recognizing we are fully ready to embrace change and move on with grace. Let us use social media for inspiration but remember OUR story and insights are important to share also. Not only to absorb others life, but to simply see it as our own inspiration to live our own lives and express ourselves. This is how we truly co-create. We uplift, inspire, share, and RISE together. In this we see and create a beautiful world.



Express Yourself <3

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