Instincts Connected and Free Oracle

Instincts, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Instincts Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

Can our instincts be trusted? Which voice do we trust if there are contradictory forces within? There is a way to know and trust our true inner being. It will be a unique journey for each one of us. Our guidance is ever present and never out of reach. As we listen and discover our true voice we continue developing our connectivity to innate, intuitive instincts that arise from our vastness. We will move with a noticeable feeling of grace, beauty, and love permeating our cells. *Light*ness guides us in the highest & aligned direction and a constriction that arises when we are going against what we are in resonance with.

As we learn to trust our true voice we can open many invisible doors and magic to enter our life. Life is responding to what we are emitting vibrationally in each moment. The more we attune, listen, and navigate in accordance with this, we are moving from our wholeness that creates a magnetizing forcefield around us attracting and drawing experiences that align with what we are communicating through our field. The more attuned we are within the easier it will be for us to move with such ease that we begin to dance through life instead of dragging ourselves through muddy waters. In this feeling of dancing a light vibration will be felt within your being. It is like a child open for life and excited to be alive. This vibration is much more easy to relax into than we are made to believe. There are so many ideas and concepts wrapped around happiness, relaxation, and joy…it all seems so stressful to figure any of it out. In a very simple way lets take it back to the last time you felt really fucking happy. Maybe that’s right now, maybe it was a year ago, maybe its been awhile. Think about it, picture it, feel it. What were you doing? Were you doing anything? Were you doing something you loved? If you are feeling that lightness right now, amazing, keep vibing and flowing. If you are not, take that memory or time and transport that experience into now. Really. Do it now. Close your eyes and feel it with your entirety. Completely merge yourself with that moment and bring it into now and allow yourself the space to experience it fully. Stay here and melt into your being….If you continue reading I’m giving you a digital slap 😉

So….how do you feel? Did your vibration shift into that naturally joyful place? Did you recognize that you can in fact shift your vibration into complete alignment to experience a lightness of being? I bring this exercise up not to ignore hard emotions or to neglect things that wish to be delved into more deeply, but simply as a reminder that in this space of lightness of being, as grace itself, is where you will know you can trust your intuition. This is why it is important to feel into your infinite clear space when opening yourself to the guidance of universal cosmic forces. Within that space of weightlessness you can trust the guide that speaks. It will be clear and you will feel and know it. These instincts that arise from this space will direct your course in such a way that everything you see, touch, taste, will feel like magic. These instincts do not arise from trauma or past hurt but from the pure energy of spirit you are. Everything you experience is experienced as divine in this space. You recognize the magic in the mundane and this begins to transform everything into magical fucking fairy dust!!! Muahahahahaha!

As you get magically adjusted to living in this vast space of your heavenly being you will naturally leave things that are not good for the evolution of your soul. You will not be able to work at places that do not ignite fire within you, you will move on from friends and relationships that are mediocre or toxic for you, and you will see that opportunities and abundance are dripping out of the woodworks. Why? Because you are in an open and receptive field which reveals invisible universes you can now tap into. As all this old energy leaves your presence life becomes exciting, vibrant, and full of yummy deliciousness. As a playful test. Allow yourself one day, one week, one year, however long you feel…to explore in this way. Completely instinctively. Maybe its only one hour, I’m sure you have plenty of important things you think you have to do:) Give yourself full permission to move naturally without plans and feel into everything you wish to do moment to moment. Even if it is simply one hour. Observe what happens during that time for you. How does it feel? Are you on edge the whole time because you know once that hour is up you have a long list of shit to get done? Or, are you invigorated by this space to move naturally? This is a positive experience to gauge if you are moving in resistance or not. To be in this space of non resistance we begin unearthing magic that we have been jaded to. We begin to see with fresh eyes that knows how to move, where to go, and natural childlike excitement to discover.

As we learn to drop into our being more and more we turn ourselves inside out we become transparent within ourselves and all beings simultaneously become transparent. Guards are not welcomed here. They can try, but they do not last long. As we tune into these instincts and trust this true voice we begin to develop an unwavering maturity that becomes deeply grounded and stabilized. As we move forth in our earthly & divine bodies we open portals to experience, discover, and develop this ever expanding inner strength. I call it *Light* Strength, it is our strength as beings made out of stardust. It becomes simple to move in ways that are in alignment for ourselves and for all of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and ancestors that travel with us. There are those that do not listen to their deeper voice and those who do. All beings serve divine purpose in however they are showing up in any given moment in time space reality. As we say yes to what is true within our being with each vibration, thought, choice, action, we automatically expand. As this occurs, divine miracles will occur. It is not a waiting game, simply your resonance will attract and mirror exactly what is held within your being. This is how we navigate and attract or detract from relationships, environments, situations, etc. Trust your expansion, and when you are constricting trust that you are being gifted to show where resistance is held within your being. As you see everything as a gift you drink the sweet nectar you are like a hummingbird going from flower to flower. Learn to trust your instincts/intuition in a deep and raw way and see how all of life opens and celebrates your vastness.

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