Is Your Intuition Setting Off Alarms Inside?


What does that stuck or off feeling indicate? Is it not our intuition telling us to wake the fuck up?! I know when I have that feeling inside it is a huge alarm going off in me, telling me I’m doing something that is not in alignment with myself. It will either be felt in my heart or in my solar plexus. It is something that feels heavy and deep, either a feeling of something stuck or a knowing that something big is shifting. Three things that help me with this sensation…..sooooo good for the soothing of the soul!

  1. Talk to a girlfriend!!! Talking to someone who truly loves you and listens to you without judgment is the most beautiful thing! ONE girlfriend you can confide and trust in is everything. Someone you can open up to and vent without filters and fear. The sharing alone is helpful and can clear the air. Maybe no solutions are made, but that isn’t important. The sharing itself is healing.f83ff6c1675170be38af1539fd661c3a
  2. Rest. Take time to yourself to relax without doing much of anything. Take a bath. Light some candles turn on your favorite tunes. Do things that you enjoy that are soothing to you. Don’t make yourself feel bad for needing to rest. Something valuable I have learned is rest when you need and be active when you have the energy for it. Sometimes our body wants us to slow down so messages can come through.508d1f4c9d2f49c4e8851525b582ca93
  3. I know this one can be hard but if we can be patient this can allow the messages to come through instead of trying to force or make a decision that is pre mature. There is a shift that happens inside when we are patient with ourselves and the answer will come in a clear and fluid way. We don’t always know what to do immediately and that is okay. Let us be patient with ourselves and allow the clear answer to come forward.

Talk to a girlfriend.


Be Patient.

You Are Amazing.

Express Yourself <3

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