Loudspeaker Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

Loudspeaker, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Loudspeaker Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

When we open our mouth to speak, or if hold our tongue – in each moment we are communicating with all of existence.

Sometimes we are aware that our own vibration is bleeding poison and causing havoc in all realms imaginable. Other times we feel boundless, expansive, and in touch with the infinite. Our “Loudspeakers” are fortunately or unfortunately always on. We cannot stop the river of life from flowing while we are here. Our vibrations, thoughts, and emotions are emitting our present moment imprint echoing into existence. What are we emitting vibrationally in this very moment?

As we remain in lower energy states of vibration where anxiety, fear, and restlessness abide – we are not allowing ourselves permission to rest within the fresh experience of our fluid life. Lower states of limiting structures believed in can create a self-imposed heavy forces that hinder us to move with receptivity to life. We all know the feeling of heaviness when it comes and how we can sense something feels off. We are being shown to investigate this sense that is arising. Most likely it is an irrational fear, but it takes up so much space within our inner landscape it can be hard to perceive from our ever present – clear awareness, our most simple and natural state.

As we embody our unique vibration and honor this sacred space, we naturally give more attention to that which is allowing life to move through us without putting restrictions on our unbound, creative force. When we have seen the results of how lower thought forms or vibration work in our life we learn what creates this dissonance and move towards that which is nourishing, expansive, and light. The deeper we travel within our own being the more refined our awareness becomes within ourselves. We see how we are a conduit for life to move through us. For our Loudspeakers to be emitting a harmonious field, we are invited to allow the creative force to move unhindered by petty fears. As we encounter detours within our course or times of hardship, we are being directed in an even higher way. The struggle appears so we can shift our loudspeakers communication and refine how we continue journeying.

Life is in full support of our movements when we fully choose to honor the path we know we are meant to walk on. As this movement of honoring our path becomes so natural our loudspeaker to the universe is saying yes without needing to set intentions or desires. Although it can be helpful to have intentions to refine and remind ourselves, this occurs automatically when we attune with spirit/god/inner-being. The felt alignment is clear when present within each of us and has a magical and magnetic quality.  As we continue to attune to our unique embodiment our loudspeaker is conversing magic with all of existence as we continue to unravel ourselves. All of our phases are interwoven and intrinsically necessary for alignment of greater resonance.

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