May We Flow Like Water


What do our eyes speak?

When our mouth is closed?

What vibration is coming from inside?

When we are masking a different projection from the outside?

Who are we yelling at when we rage at another?

Who are we loving when we love another?

Is it not an energy that is always cycled back to us?

Are we not giving the very thing we receive?

If our face and body were not here,

How would we interact with the world?

When we are not wrapped up in self consciousness,

Is there not an authenticity in the quality of our interactions?

If we are not so focused on how we are appearing or what we are saying does conversation not flow from the heart fluidly & without doubt?

It is beautiful to take care of our body.

However, what about when it is all consuming and we start to feel tight in our form?

It is not our natural state to be consumed in such a way by our body that we paralyze ourselves.

Our body allows us to be on this earth. To communicate, interact, express, enjoy, and allow our spirit to be here and experience life on this planet.

How would we feel if our bodies felt invisible?

As if they were light and we weren’t so concerned with their shape or movement in each moment?

Would this not be immensely freeing?

It is beautiful to care for this body, but not to be chained down by it.

When we begin to communicate through the heart and not through the body

Words and actions flow like water in a river.

The less obsessive we are on how we are perceived, the more depth and beauty is allowed to flow within our life.

The moment we start to move in this world as though we are invisible, magic emerges.

We speak without fear, we think without fear, we experience challenges with a lightness that we have never experienced.

We begin to not care what others think, not in a dismissive way.

In a way that doesn’t care because inside we know we are in full alignment with our natural expression.

We recognize the light and dark that are at play for us to expand and grow beyond our limits.

We trust that all experiences are never working against us.

Everything is supporting us.

When we see our experience as supportive,

We can relax.

Within this rest we stop identifying so strongly with the body.

We see we are beyond our form.

This is something felt. We can know we are beyond form.

When we experience this within,

The trivialities of what many are concerned with fall away.

There is a trust that cannot be shaken because there is something in us that can never be destroyed.

May we drown in the ocean of our own heart.

This is where we see the beauty and pain that is necessary for our evolvement, and experience life with grace instead of resistance and fear.

Express Yourself <3

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