Poem: The Infinite One


I worship the ground you walk on…

Without knowing why.

Each moment with you is infinite.

Therefore, I need no time with you.

You come into my life like the wind

And I feel your warm breeze on my face when you are away.

My heart only desires to never know what will come,

For this mystery brings eternal joy to my heart.

I want to experience all you have to show me,

With the highest surrendering to what needs to be seen.

I am filled with excitement knowing I may only have one more day with you.

Every day I share with you I will worship you fully.

I give you everything I have,

Although I have no things to give.

I give you the mystery that is somehow inside this body that was given to me.

I share this mystery with you.

One day is eternal and that is all I’ll ever need with you.

Somehow this soul is drawn to the unknown.

All through Grace.

All through Grace.

Something in me moves to express myself in ways that words can never describe.

A feeling of tremendous surrender to only fall to my knees and give you my heart.

Nothing bores me more than knowing about  future.

There is no future, If we cannot share now.

Plans are made of fear and holding on.

I cannot hold on to what is naturally made to arise and pass from my life.

You have shown me no things and no one can ever be captured.

You have shown me this is what makes the heart weary.

I only feel to bow down to this magnificence and share my heart. 

I am the one that does not know how to speak of such beauty felt inside.

Yet somehow you give me words to speak.

There is a movement that is compelled to share this beauty.

To share the ecstasy I feel for life with others through creation.

Full allowance of life is the only thing which really moves.

For the other way smells of stagnation and death.

I would rather die than experience a slow death of heart.

There are no words I can utter that can be full expressions of myself.

All words fall short of such magnificence felt.

Almost painful it is so powerful.

The most beautiful pain I have ever felt.

You are love and I bow down to your ever pervading heart.

The light that emanates from this is the only true gift that is here to give.

The highest gift to give thanks for this life is to share ones light and this I give to you

Completely in every moment.


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