Six of Swords The Wild Unknown Tarot

Six of Swords, The Wild Unknown Tarot


Six of Swords The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Six of Swords are in disarray piled in the darkness. Above the swords and darkness is a beautiful rainbow and pure l i g h t-s p a c e. Daunting and bright simultaneously the Six of Swords reveals that times have been challenging and painful, but now clarity is present to navigate forward into the light. Trauma and pain experienced has led one to move from the emanation of light shining from within. Healing occurs naturally as one forges forward, with embers of the hardship fueling a new experience.

What experience is asking to be moved through or away from completely? It may be a love relationship, a reoccurring self-sabotaging pattern, or anything that has caused more distress and disharmony than joy. How can this experience be seen for what it actually is, so one can move in greater alignment in the essence of spirit? One will either find a great ease and shift within the current experience, or choose to completely leave the situation. As internal space is discovered a newfound insight and inspiration will lead to a more joyful and fulfilling path.

Although the hardship that one has experienced may still be fresh inside the being, there is always at least a fragment of space to follow the light of ones heart. Trust fully in this light. As the development of a deeper relationship within the being occurs, we learn to care and nourish ourselves throughout the highs and lows. Trust and move with what you know is healthy and true for your unique path. Distraction of influence by what others may think you may need are to be discarded if not in alignment with your path. As you take into account everything experienced, it will be revealed what will no longer be accepted in your field. This will position you to what you are ready to receive. Painful experience is also necessary for our radical growth and understanding of what is and is not acceptable. A magick opportunity to take the highest road that only you can unravel.

All the information in the cauldron to move forward to a new level of otherworldly beauty. All the pieces of the puzzle are on the table to be arranged. The use of intellect and intuition equally important, merging the mind into the vastness of heart. When inspiration is received immediately and we know what to do this can bring about swift and organic movement. If there has been delay in action and confusion is present, allow yourself to be empty. Allow the entirety of your being to be inspired into action. Look at what has been and look at the direction which is in the most intimate alignment with yourself – be willing to take as small or giant leaps as your spirit is daring to take. Great relief will arise with each step and tremendous momentum will take over with confident forward movement. Trust your ability to choose the right action for your spirit.

The whole universe is in front of you, meeting you with each step ~





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