Stop Playing Hide and Seek With Your Self


Dance like the wind as you move through this world.

Feel life in you and around you as you breath in this magnificence.

The dirt under your feet is just as sacred as the stars in the sky.

Each step you take vibrates what your heart holds and releases your expression into the universe.

Enjoy your presence each day as you allow all things that bring joy to fully emerge.

Each of us have a uniqueness that is craving to be explored.

Have you satisfied this craving, or do you continue to withhold your gifts from yourself?

Life will continue to show you pain and anguish if you continue to walk a path other than what your heart truly desires.

You are planting seeds in every moment you are here.

What are the seeds you are planting and watering each day?

Are you growing trees of abundance, joy, and beauty?

Or fear, lack, and sorrow?

Your garden is cultivated by you at all times.

Have you pulled the weeds to leave room for the flowers to bloom?

If there is a perceived wall within you, is it not because you are living a life opposite than you desire?

Dance in the movement that brings joy within your being and love to the hearts of those who you meet.

How long will you put off your dreams to live a life that you already know is draining your sweet energy?

Stop. Take one day off of whatever you think is important and reevaluate everything.

Write down your hearts desires, acknowledge them, and start dancing in life the way that is your deepest desire.

When your energy starts flowing towards the honesty of what you truly want to do, you will be shocked to see how quickly life responds to your honesty.

Life will always fight against dishonesty to yourself. You will feel tired and unhappy when you continue to move through this life doing what you think you “have to do.”

No one is putting a gun to your head telling you to do anything. If they are, it’s a good clue you are going in the wrong direction.

There is a movement of people waking up and realizing that it doesn’t make sense to keep going against their passions. It is a beautiful movement of people honoring their own heart.

If you think you cannot make a big leap to do what you love, I encourage you to put as much energy as you can everyday towards what you enjoy.

All the power is with you to enjoy this life and not merely exist.

You can move mountains if you wish to.

Don’t let anyone fool you.

You are a magnificent being with all resources inside you.

Let yourself shine and stop playing hide and seek with your self.

There is too much magic within you.

Allow it to emerge.

Express Yourself <3

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