the magician the wild unknown tarot

The Magician, The Wild Unknown Tarot

the wild unknown tarot The Magician meaning and interpretation

The Magician is powered by the planet mercury, activating intellect, skill set, and logic. The cheetah is focused and alert, absorbing his surroundings in the realm of spirit and on the earth he moves upon. He bridges the gap between worlds. Four suits of the tarot are present, depicting the elements earth, air, fire, & water – linked to heart, mind, body and soul. The Magician embodies all the elements in the heavenly and earthly realms to bring full power to earth carried as pure spirit. The infinity symbol is depicted on the cheetahs heart showing the interconnectedness of all that is, seen and unseen.

The Magician is the creator, the visionary who manifests his dreams into real time. The life experience and the creative and focused energy the Magician contains is the perfect union that brings the hearts desires to life. The dream stage and uncertainty is not present here, only full knowing what steps must be followed in order to bring this dream to waking life. In fact everything is happening quite immediately now, as there is conviction within that carries strength, ability, excitement, and pure vigilance. The Magician is not a victim of circumstance, but a creative thinker and innovator with a strong action oriented soul. The Magician knows when to use the fire constructively to not burn vital energy away becoming ash in the wind. There is a sacred value of this primal energy, when honored, flowers into a million roses beneath the Magicians feet who is daring enough to move according to the cosmic chariot.

The Magician is quick witted. When arriving at a problem he quickly pulls resources, skills, and intuitive creativity from spirit to persevere through the temporary, chaotic madness. As one contemplates a vision, or actively working toward this vision, this card reflects that when your vision flowers from a genuine heart, you are fully supported by all of life. Keep moving fearlessly and confidently through any challenges that arise.

This time is important to not let the vision fade into a distant dream. Now is the time for one pointed focus, and unwavering attention. Direct all of your energy on your vision and allow yourself to be fully absorbed in each action. This allows the full embodiment of your heart to move into what you are creating and stops energy leaks towards doubts and fears. The more momentum one gains in expressing the hearts desires the more creatively one taps into moving through challenges. This is a beautiful way to harness all of the abilities and resources one must accomplish to birth what desires to come forth.

With Love,

Moon Magick Mira

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