The Radiant Pearl of Authenticity



Hiding how we feel never served a damn thing. We have to understand that as we hide the way we feel we are only hiding ourself from ourself. We get tested in many ways in this life. Do our actions match our words? Do our eyes see what they say they see? It is only so long one can stay in hiding true feelings because life will come to humble us if we become too cocky and also carry us when we need to be embraced and loved as we go through hardship. First, we must be honest with how we feel to ourselves, we are the ones we live with. Second, we need to be honest with others. Transparency moves mountains and makes the rivers of the heart flow. Third, it is the subtleties of our vibrational states and inner response that dictates how we feel. This is something that can actually be trained until it is something automatic we don’t have to think about it anymore.

Why do we need to be honest with ourself? Seems obvious to some and not so apparent to others. What happens is sometimes we blindside ourself doing what we do without pausing for a moment to check in with our vibrational state. For some checking in with vibrational state is automatic and others it is not. Ask yourself if you pay more attention to circumstances and situations dictating how YOU feel? Or do you know it is you who responds to life in all experiences you find yourself in? If you are letting outer circumstances rule your inner condition you can find all the reasons why you cannot be happy. I feel that there is no inner and outer world. I see it as the same. I see my inner and outer worlds merged as one. What happens if you start to see this? I believe you would not be able to place blame on things that are outside, because now it is an extension of yourself. Let me ask you something, do you hide how you feel to yourself? Are you super happy and radiant but feel you can’t skip down the street when you feel like it? Do you try and hide how you feel because you are trying to match vibrational energies around you?  Are you going through a death and holding back your tears because you need to “get your shit together” or be strong for your children? Tears are strength. The strength of accepting that ALL OF YOU IS BEAUTIFUL. Not just your smile, but equally as beautiful your tears. When you cry in front of your child and allow the waters to flow your child can embrace you and learn how to comfort someone in need of love. They can have more wisdom than we do and they can bring more comfort than a dear friend. We are human beings that walk this earth. We WILL go through everything imaginable here and allowing our feelings to come through naturally is important. It is important because it is being authentic with your self. When you feel authentic you feel in complete alignment. Complete alignment does not mean you are smiling, happy, and blissed out of your mind. This will happen too, but it is not an ultimate state of being. Complete alignment is authenticity in the most simple way. Allowing your self to be as you are and not judging yourself for feeling what needs to arise. Don’t be a dictator over every emotion you have, we can become neurotic trying to force ourselves to be a certain way. The best thing we can do is allow our feelings to be natural like breathing and to release judgment from their movement. Think of it as a dance, you cannot dance without taking shape in all forms. Breathe and know that you are honoring yourself by accepting all that arises. This is authentic beauty.


Are we honest with others about how we feel? Are we open, transparent, and true to what is really going on? When we are open with ourselves and honest it becomes easy to be transparent with others. This honesty opens doors of communication that expand us in ways that cannot occur without this transparency. What happens when we allow for ourselves to be open in this way? We automatically are allowing ourselves to go to the root of what is happening instead of staying at a surface level experience. If a friend asks you how you are doing and you say good when you are not doing good at all, then nothing can be exposed. We hold a wall between each other which causes a separated feeling from life. But when we are honest we are automatically connected to supreme universal energy that is supporting our authenticity. Remember life is supporting you, we don’t need to hide. The sharing in itself causes a trust and bond to happen with each other that allows for deeper understanding. Remember if you are being honest with yourself it will be easy to be honest with others and allow for deeper and more meaningful connections to occur. Also when you are honest with your beautiful self others will sense this and naturally want to delve into deeper conversation with you because they feel the spaciousness within you. This is how we celebrate life together. Being authentic and honest with ourselves and each other.


The subtleties of our vibrational states and our inner response to them dictates how we feel. This is something that can actually be trained until it is something automatic we don’t have to think about anymore. If we keep placing blame on our circumstances then we will always be a slave to circumstance. The truth is that our perspective is what dictates everything. Remember, everything beyond your body only an extension of yourself. When you know this then you will begin to respond differently. If you are not happy with the way you feel, know it is your perspective that is holding you in a trap of not feeling good. Yes, we will go through hardships and grief, yes we will go through turmoil and pain. But how will we perceive this? What if you shifted your perspective knowing that ALL is in support of you and all hardships are here to expand you and push you to greater understanding. What if you knew when you feel out of wack it is a push for you to go in another direction that feels in higher alignment? Everything that arises is a blessing for you to walk in alignment with your heart. Your authentic expression. When you pay attention to the subtlest of vibrations within you, the quicker you will be able to connect with what is in alignment with your heart. So let us thank EVERYTHING that comes for all is in assistance for what needs to be seen more clearly. As we pay attention to our vibration we are honoring ourself in the deepest way. We are not ignoring ourself but giving thanks to this existence.

Your Perspective Determines All You See and Experience~



Express Yourself <3

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