Three of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

..::..>>Three of Wands<<..::..


The seeds one has been planting with love and energy are creating a strong foundation that may or may not be presently seen. The investment of energy with work, relationships, creative visions, and interests have been cultivated with the totality of being. The path is clear and there is strong conviction within that the way is being paved. The love underlying the movement is so strong and purely spirit that it is taking on its own life. Three of Wands is a reflection to keep continuing the way of the heart to trust in fullness of what is present and what is to come. Moving in present moment fullness and trust can only allow a vision to manifest in the most magical way. Dreams are moving with a high momentum and grounded energy. The invitation is to keep trusting your process, intuition, and the way you are being led to move. All intense focus and energy investment is not a waste. A solid foundation is being created that is not one of solely material foundations. This foundation is built from spirit combining with earth energy for one to bring into being what ignites the soul.


There are times when great inspirations and ideas come in pure and fresh. This stage of an idea that wishes to come into being is invigorating on a soul level and “feels right.” Pay attention to this feeling of intuitive freshness and raw energy that is ready to come into being. This is a unique expression that wishes to be born from a specific being. It is asking to be honored and acted upon or the spirit of this individual suffers. We are creators and naturally each have visions and dreams to bring into being. We become weak when we hide away from this power. Three of Wands is a stage where a dream is already well underway. Perhaps energetic momentum or investment in physical action has already been lovingly invested. Wherever one is on the path, allow spirit to guide and direct the course of how you choose to move. There is no one that can understand intimately or know how your specific vision wishes to birth itself. As we gain strength in our power and intuitive connectedness we will honor the unfolding of our creations. In this, our creations remain untainted by opinions or misguided energy. The energy present is to stay open to beings which have come to your life and offer assistance or wisdom. First and foremost the invitation is to listen to what vision arises in you and allow this insight from your own internal navigation to lead you. This is how we learn to trust and navigate with an unshakeable depth. This is a time to embody strength if other energies come to doubt the way in which you are moving. When we have a clear connection inside we will know the way to move, even into the unknown. We will feel it, whether it is light and pleasant feeling or dark and heavy we will know which direction we must move no matter what the temporary quality of it feels like. There will be a deeper movement of understanding beyond fleeting states.


Energies of doubt, fear, or hesitation about what wishes to be pursued are allowed to be present. They can be there! However, to turn the essence of attention towards being will allow these other energies to fall away. Sometimes it takes time and other times energies can be fluidly dropped. As your attention is open to seeing what is actually true these darker energies will be exposed and released. Its not a race, move naturally within. The energy in Three of Wands is to trust your way whether fear is present or not and proceed with confidence and daily action. Pay attention to the vibration of your being. Thoughts, actions, behaviors, habits, feelings, and all that comes through your sphere. How does it feel to be you? Are you loving being with yourself or does it feel shitty? This is incredibly important when one is moving toward a vision or dream. If we are not inwardly checking in and in alignment we will hold ourself back in aspects that keep us from moving confidently in an honest direction with the realness of our spirit. Look deeply within and allow whatever feels blocked to be looked at and truly acknowledged. As these energies are transmuted it becomes easier to move forward in the direction of our inner visions.  The infinite potential is here, the energy has already been cultivated and is continuing on this positive trajectory. Anything that does not serve, we dive in, investigate, and decide how to navigate in new and healthy ways. Three of Wands is an energy which is more awake to various aspects of being, subtle and gross levels. As anything arises which requires deep shadow work there is more confidence in diving into the underworld and transmuting this energy. At this time ones fire is burning hot and this is leaving little room for stagnation and passivity with life.


Ones spirit now sees many subtleties within that once were overlooked. The depth that has and is being discovered is pouring out to infinite aspects within your life. Ones spirit is maturing and discovering where attention is devoted and how this is constantly effecting the quality of life. This is an exciting time where inner work is pouring out into physical reality and creating magic where you tread. The magic is present and it will continue to reveal immense beauty within your world and be shared with all beings one encounters. As inner clarity of spirit is revealed, actions become naturally focused and precise toward visions and dreams.


With Love,

Moon Magick Mira

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