Trust Your Inner Wisdom

I write with joy to share my journey with those who it may remind to trust your inner wisdom. Nothing anyone can tell you will be more satisfying than to trust your own guidance. I am not here to give you a list of things to do in order to change many things about yourself and the life you are living.

I am here to encourage you to trust as much or as little as you can within yourself and let your intuition be your guiding light.

Every day we open our eyes, how are we perceiving the world?

The way we perceive the world internally dictates the entirety of your experience and how it reflects externally. Our inner experiences are constructing in brilliant perfection what external experiences occur.

Trust what brings you here.

Are you waking up every morning putting your energy towards what brings deep fulfillment each day? Or are you waking up and choosing to do what is constantly working against your most intimate desires each day? Every thought, feeling, and energy we are investing ourselves into, we create an entire universe out of. Are you witnessing a beautiful day in front of you? Or are you destroying the day as you continue to work against your natural intuition? You are the only one that has the power to live in a way that satisfies your heart. No one can advise you in a more authentic way then yourself when you are honoring the deepest wishes of your heart. Family, friends, lovers, books, and bloggers can give you all their advice and wisdom, but never can in compare to the inner guide you were born with. This inner guide is a road map specifically designed for you and only you.

I wonder if you have found the internal power to listen?

This inner guide is something deeply felt and once recognized we must learn to trust completely. Once you keep trusting this natural wisdom more frequently it becomes normal and eventually no effort is involved. In the beginning it may feel like you really have to pay attention, but in time it is completely natural and no need to think about it. Everyone has a unique way of moving in this world and I encourage each one to trust the natural wisdom that resides within. This kind of wisdom comes from trusting our unique way of being which we feel naturally attracted to expressing, but at times we confuse ourselves and begin embarking on journeys others wish for us to take part in. We sometimes cover up the yearning of the heart to fulfill the projection our mind has laid before us in order to fulfill specific achievements. What does the achievement mean to you if it is in contradiction with your most true desires?

No one can tell you what is truly good for you, they can analyze, listen, and explore with you, but ultimately one must ask what attracts you in this life and are you following those clues? I have met many beings with the drive that want to do something different then what they are currently doing. One common ground with all of them is that they were all wishing for something else and unsatisfied with where they presently were. The overall quality of life cannot be a prosperous and abundant one when you spend your time wishing you were doing something else. Being in the customer service industry for many years I have met so many people that expressed their joys and sorrows to me. The main issue that always arose is a dissatisfaction in a job that was not in alignment. This was disturbing to hear from countless people and I also understood the pain of the dilemma. I had also experienced the same unsatisfying work environment in my life and constantly had an underlying feeling of breaking free. However, I never fully trusted in what my heart was calling for so the same apparent road blocks continued to persist.


How is the alignment of our hearts desire and what we do on a daily basis come to be?

Is it really that difficult? For myself the difficulty has always rested in going against what natural movement was arising in me.

I will share with you what has been unfolding in my life since I started to trust my inner wisdom more fearlessly. I can say there is a drastic difference between trusting with part of yourself and trusting with the fullness of yourself. Explosive changes take place once you get out of your own way and start embarking on what you have been putting off for so long. You will start to see changes occur more quickly than you can ever imagine.

You start to see you were only bound by what you thought you could and couldn’t do. Funny right? One thought causing only a seeming separation.

In March 2015 I moved to Hawaii from California and had a series of jobs I didn’t like, I would get physically sick before going into work. I kept going from one job to the other. Unsatisfied with all work and feeling out of place at each job. My family saw this as unstable, but my internal guide didn’t care what anyone thought of this outward “instability.” It’s crucial to NOT GIVE A FUCK sometimes.

I knew something was guiding me in the right way. Working at all these mundane jobs was a big change for me considering when I was previously living in California I had the best job in the world selling Vintage Clothing and Handmade Jewelry. Leaving that magical shop was difficult, but some movement inside me was pushing in a different direction I wasn’t fully aware of at the time.

There was a point of breaking that I experienced when bouncing around to all these unfulfilling jobs in Hawaii and I knew I couldn’t continue living this way. I remember making an internal decision one day to only focus on what brings me joy. Art. Writing. Dance, all my creative endeavors that were put to the side for many years.

Some may call this irresponsible…I know its the best decision I ever made. I am not convinced that I’m suppose to be at a job I don’t like everyday so I can go home feeling drained, unfulfilled and wake up to go at it again. Dear God….what is the point of living like that?

I realized that day it was a TRUE decision inside, it wasn’t casual contemplation as it had been before. It was a simple and sincere choice that shifted everything in my life very quickly. This decision can sometimes be scary because most people start worrying about how they will eat or pay the bills. All I want to say about that is DON’T FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT. If you keep worrying about your bills then you will never make the choice of jumping into what your heart really wants to do. I have seen in my own experience that life responds with the truest of your hearts desires and makes space to fully support your endeavors, if it is your true calling and you put your energy into it fully. I say if because sometimes we embark on a journey that we truly believe is a sincere desire. Sometimes we find out later it was not as sincere of a desire as we thought, of course…after it crashes and burns before our eyes. Be thankful for the crashing and burning. This occurs because it wasn’t what our highest expression desired to manifest. On some level we were still in our own way. It is crucial to go for what we think we want sometimes in full force even when we find out it isn’t what we truly wanted. This can assist the process of trust so that we become even more authentic with ourselves and engage in a new path that is in a higher alignment with what desires to truly emerge.  All I can do is encourage you to listen to those deep desires and not shy away from them.  I share this because it excites me and has brought me tremendous joy in my life. I feel this is a way to test out trusting if there are any perceived fears of being blocked. If you start investing your energy each day as much as you can into what brings you joy you will see how life starts to shift in accordance with your heart. This energy investment will start to build your strength and true confidence in yourself to embark on a more authentic journey. I encourage you to do one thing you really enjoy doing each day for one week, I can assure you that your energy level will shift, you will feel more vibrancy within your being, you will be ENJOYING YOURSELF which naturally brings joy to all those you encounter. We all have so much wisdom and creativity to share with one another in an infinite number of ways. It is a shame to keep it hidden from ourselves and the world. As we share our gifts we inspire each other and we reveal our authentic nature.

I have  witnessed that as I allow myself to do what inspires me and brings me joy the doors open and life fully supports me to continue doing what brings me joy.

Life corresponds to your hearts energy constantly and you will reflect in the manifest world what energy is in your heart.

Shine brilliantly like the stars you came from.

Express Yourself <3

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