Whirlwinds of Spacetime


Wild Whirlwinds

Tasting all the textures. Heart wrenching emotions. Gratitude. Gifts and seeming curses. Smelling all aroma floating in the air. The scent of death and decay leaving room for a fresh flower to bloom. Looking around, natural geography. Mountains, valleys, forests, oceans, deserts, snowy icecaps, plains, and meadows. Bustling cities and timid towns. Faces of young and old. Problems, doubts, fears, hope, renewal, light, rebirth. New eyes seeing with each moment arising. Only this freshness witnessing the mystery.

Colors Exploding

All spectrums of colors igniting before our eyes. We hear the music within color. Music penetrating each cell of our being. Harmonizing. De-harmonizing. Seeing, feeling the universe within eyes of every being we meet. Color variations and emotions telling stories with only one glance. Information exchanged. Love, the container that holds the myriad of colors within this unfolding moment. Light to dark colors embodying all elements. Free and light. Dark and heavy. Graceful to careless. Colors are transferred with each footstep touching the earth. Sending frequencies of heaven or hell into the center of the galaxy. We forget the spells we cast and wonder why it is as it is. We pause, feel, and remember the love. Expressing with each breath of color we transmit a new story.


Weightless in the clouds. Feeling all. Decisions lingering. No forces can come to assist without one foot forward. Action is knocking on the door. Who will answer? Floating. Suspending from the sky, dancing with the stars and the birds. Floating above the sea watching the dolphins love, play, and communicate. Dolphins….lovers of the sea. Suspension is part of the game. All information must settle and rest inside the heart before something can be known. Patience with this chapter. Many will judge. Know ONE will understand. Beautiful to let go of that which cannot be assimilated in the heart of another. We move as grace, free to decide. Free to pause. Free to be perceivably suspended. The string…..undone…action ignites.


Where have you gone? The Sky adored floating time. For the air is the element which enjoys the ever changing winds. We have felt the action. Decision has come and our choice brings all elements to play, support our decision. Now the movement we see occurs within the screen through which all things play. Nothing alters this one perceiving. Actions are felt and limbo passes bringing a different feeling that is activated, energized, moving, fluid, alive. A different chapter perceived. Something about this page in the book, enjoyable and exciting. Playful, light, not serious. Appearing serious, only from wrong judgment. Creative, seeing that one choice or step made ignites focused creativity to appear in manifest form.

Breath, orgasm of being alive.

..::..Flow Returns.Unending Gratitude.All That Arises..::..

Flow seemingly returns, although truly never gone. When we are patient with ourselves we see all is okay to dance and play so we experience the variation of beauty life offers. The feeling of naturalness is here as the flow of water seeps into the pores of our skin. Quenching the thirst, allowing one to create. Nothing blocked or hindered. All things not flowing are illusion. Only traps the mind was fed to keep ones vision narrow. Looking at the ground instead of up and all around. Any heaviness felt in the body is only a reflection of tightness of the mind. Movement of the body unlocks stored blocks and lifts them away. We dance, listen to music that makes our heart soar into the galaxies. Music, dance, art, all transcend time and space reality. Words can be useless many times. We write for love, but music and dance without words can remove anything that contains boxes and limitations. Art removes the veil of illusion bringing us into our heart. Unending gratitude for what is true in spirit. Sometimes we think we are just the people playing the game and we forget we are pure spirit. All that arises here is love.

Stay true to you. At the end of the day YOU are with YOU.

Express Yourself <3

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